Monday, January 13, 2014

3 whole days without rain! (EP)

Dear everybody,

It has been an interesting week. Lets start with Monday. After playing Zone Football (Soccer) in Cardiff we came home, did our shopping. We missed the bus home so we called a member for a ride. We went to a Family Home Evening down in Llanyrafon (about two miles from our flat). At the end of it we dressed in Non-Proselyting clothes (shorts and T-shirts, and running shoes.) We ran home.  

I thought Elder Ferrell was joking when he said we would. But then we did. Haha it was fun. Very memorable. 

Big news! We had 3 whole days without rain! It has been incredible. Everyone outside was... happy! Even if they still rejected us, everybody was happy.

It was an extra blessing that it didn't rain because my bicycle brakes were nearly gone. Once your brakes are bad and it rains you're toast. The rain just eliminates any friction between the brakes and rims. 
I ended up getting new brakes and everything, but not without a few close calls and a couple of hard stops using my feet. (By the way Mom, my shoes are holding up great! It's like they were meant for this!)

I can't remember anything too specific from the rest of the week so I'll skip to Sunday. On the way home from church we GQ'd a few people. Usually it is about a 15 to 20 minute ride home. It took us 2 hours! I'll tell you why;
-We GQ'd someone on a horse (Yes! My knowledge of horses helped!) 
-GQ'd several other people until we came to a lady who was really nice, and the spirit was right so we taught her the restoration right then. Complete with an opening an closing prayer. 
-Then we met this older gentleman. He introduced himself to us as one who loves Jesus. We taught him about prophets (Once again with an opening and closing prayer). Turns out he has been given the gift of poetry. He was incredible! He probably recited 10 poems to us while we spoke to him, all of them about the gospel! It was great, we'll be seeing him again soon.

Other than that... we had a drop lesson with a really nice lady we'll call her name Ann. It was hard. But the spirit was there and I think she will make the change sometime in the future. Being bold is ESSENTIAL in missionary work. It is the most sure way of getting the spirit in the lesson (reminds me of  the term "Content-Communication" -Dr. Lund).

Oh yeah, Elder Ferrell cut my hair today. That was scary. But it looks good. Elder Ferrell is a man of many talents.

I Love you all! 

Elder Jacob Packer

Oh yeah, I've been hearing that the weather is Horrible in the U.S. is that true? We missionaries don't get to see the news. 

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