Monday, January 6, 2014

Abc spray sickness (SP)

I am so excited for this year.  Man, it would have been SO cool to spend my WHOLE 21st year out on my mission.  I actually woke up at 5 this morning and stayed up until 6:30 just so excited about the work.  Hahaha sometimes that just happens. 
This week we were a little sick and it went around to a lot of missionaries.  An elder actually sprayed everyone's food at an eating appointment as he coughed in between drinking AND chewing.... that was.... ahem, awesome.  He was sitting at the end, perfect place to apply his abc substance aaaaaalll over everyone and their food, took a swig, coughed, and sprayed.  The moment after it happened, we all had stopped chewing, eating, everything, looked up, and then at him with only the sound of the skillet on the table sizzling.  Then we all awkwardly and then uncontrolably started laughing.  Ahhhh, the joys of sick missionaries.  Needless to say, he took home half of the dinner just for himself and we all got sick after that.  Goooood times :).  So, Sister Clark and I were sick with a cold this last week and then Sister Green got sick. Our numbers have been down because of this and we had to cancel appointments so that we wouldn't get other people sick. But we're doing better and ready to get out there and work! I haven't been sick since coming on my mission so I'm grateful for the very few times I've dealt with it! But it was also during this time that I really relied on the Lord and remembered the song ''I Need Thee Every Hour.'' I'm happy for those reminders :).  Sometimes having a break is OK, OK??  Hee hoo, I just had to keep telling Sister Clark and myself that.  We were going crazy not working like normal.... ha it's a good problem :).  We're just finally happy to get going again :).
It's been so interesting working in an International ward.  First of all, remember Mom and Dad how I wanted to go to Latin America at some point?  Well, it's not Latin America, but they are a lot of Philipinos here who are THE FUNNIEST people ever!  I love this ward so much it's rediculous.  It's been a challenge to find people to teach because anyone we find that's German speaking we hand over to other missionaries, which doesn't mean we don't contact like crazy, it just makes us think deeper about how we can find those ready and English speaking.  Usually that means working through our members which is how it should be anyway!  I'm so excited and grateful to learn how this process and relationship with the members works!  Get to know the missionaries in your wards/stakes!  Trust them and trust that they were called by God to teach your friends.  The Lord's prepared the way.  New Year's resolution!  Give out a Book of Mormon every month!
I love you all so much!  Vienna is so beautiful it's UNREAL.  But the Gospel is more beautiful :).  
Sister Coco Packer  

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