Monday, January 20, 2014

Finishing Transfer #3 (EP)

Wow, this transfer has flown by. Our numbers weren't as good as I would have liked but I know we did our best so I'm content.

This week we had interviews with President Rassmussen, those went really well. I passed! Just kidding, it was just good to chat with President. He is such smart man! He answered a few of my questions for me.

I've really enjoyed this whole transfer with Elder Ferrell. I think our combined greenie faith has made miracles happen. I say greenie faith, but that doesn't mean we're greenies. 

spoiler alert: The secret to missionary work is to keep greenie faith throughout your whole mission! 

Just learn how to work better as you go, never doubt the Lord. As Elder Ferrell says a lot "It's the Lord's work". Especially when we see something that may not work out very well.

Tonight is DODGE NIGHT! The night we get the Dodge from President about who is going where and who new companions will be if they are going to change.

Maybe I'll leave, maybe I'll stay. We'll see! I'll let you all know next week. 


Elder Jacob Packer (Cwmbran, Wales)

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