Monday, March 17, 2014

Cwmbran is dry! (EP)

There hasn't been rain for like 4 days... The second coming? No, just good weather. It has been incredible! I do get kind of passionate when I talk about the weather. Probably because it is the best conversation starter here in Wales. People love talking about the weather. 

Elder Jones is a beast. WE've found some new investigators and we've got a lot of lessons planned for this next week.

Elder Teixeira (if that is how it is spelled) came to Zone Conference. He is the Europe Area president. It was awesome to hear him. I was very focused. He is such a funny guy! Dad, apparently he knows you(?). Sister Teixiera said that I looked like you. We've got some great tools to find new investigators. He let us know about some that have been there the whole time, we just weren't aware of them. This mission is going to go up to the next level. 

Other than that... I'm good, we're eating well. We did some service for a few hours and I was weeding. Good old weeding. It wasn't bad, I was thinking deep thoughts. Mom, thanks for teaching me how to weed. 

Oh and this random guy stopped us in the street and gave us some chocolate bars. WHAT THE? 

The guy just called out to us from behind "Excuse me gents." he was walking quickly to catch up to us. "Yeah?" I said, expecting some sort of bashing question or something. As he was making the last steps to us he ask "You LDS?". "Yes" we replied. He reached out and handed Elder Jones the candy and said "Enjoy". and Then he walked away. We thanked him as he walked away quickly. I have no idea who that guy was.

Greenie Faith? I have no idea how that would apply, but maybe that is the reason. I just hope Elder Jones doesn't expect that to happen all the time. The Chocolate was really good though:) 

Well, time to sign off. I love you all! 
Christian, Josh, Dad, Nicole, I'm still looking for advice on being a trainer. Or at least let me know if you were ever a trainer on your missions. 

-Elder Packer

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