Monday, March 31, 2014

Germany Here I Come! (SP)

Weeeeeeelp did not see it coming but I'm being transferred!  President is taking sisters out of this ward for now.  I'm heading to Lahr, Germany to work with Sister Brinck and Sister Friedrichs will be in a threesome with the Vienna 1st ward sisters we currently live with until she heads for the New Zealand MTC on April 8th.  Sister Brinck was in the MTC with me and is way awesome!  I'm excited to work with her.  Lahr is cleeeeaaar over by the borders of Switzerland and France clear across the mission.  Some of our missionaries serving in Switzerland are in my district!  I'll get to see some Swiss Alps!!  WOOT!  Ha... aHEM... AND the missoinaries... :).  The ward was really surprised and really sad to hear the news.  SUPER SAD.  I've never been so attached to a ward and so sad to go.  Hahaha I'll probably say that about every ward and area.  But REALLY.  I never thought the Philipino, African, American, Nepali, Chinese...etc cultures would grow so deep into my heart.  I just, ah mee - ahn I just love em!

Well!  The Work moves forward!  I'm excited to be back in Germany.  They have quark there :) :) :).....  It's kind of like a mixture between sour cream and yogurt and SO GOOD.  They mix it with a little sugar, some fruit and HOLY COW.  Mom, you would DIE.  The cream and yogurt AND whipped cream are TO DIE FOR here.  I haven't said much about food here.  Maybe I should give a preview real quick. 

Milk, chocolate, cheese, sour cream, ANYTHING dairy is THE BEST THING I'VE EVER EATEN.  It just melts like a heavenly.  Schnitzel IS good, but really thick in my system and so I only eat it every once in a while :).  I love knoodls which are a jelly, cream, chocolate or meat filled ball of dough that is boiled and SOOOO GOOD.  Traum shakes are THE BOMB (milk shakes in flavors of vanilla, chocolate nugat, strawberry, white chocolate coconut, apple cobbler, and regular chocolate hazelnut.  Almdudler is a soda made I think from a herb plant and was weird at first but has grown on me :).  The bakeries I'm sorry America, but they KILL everything in the states.  And there's one on every corner :).  Vanilla filled croissants are my fav :).  Again, mom, I think of you often as I eat pudding and anything creamy :).

Dad, Abraham, I hope is doing ok.  He was kicked out of his sister's apartment and has no phone.  We have no contact with him and have no idea where he is.  If ya'll could send prayers his way that would be great.  I know he's in the Lord's hands and there's nothing we can at this time do, but pray.  We started teaching another girl named Suvdmaa from Mongolia.  Oh ya!!  JOSH.  I am helping a Mongolian girl convert.  You did not do that project for nothing.  I thought of you and met a guy the other day from Armenia as well.  He was telling us about the food there and he was WAY excited and said, ''ya, just ask your brother.  It's the best food you'd ever eat.'' (paraphrased)  He also said that Armenian was THE HARDEST language out there to learn even more so than Finnish or Russian.  I'm not sure if that's totally true, BUT you did learn an intense language.  Kudos to you :). 

I'm gonna miss this little German I've trained.  When we first started working together, I thought of you mom and your friends you've kept for years.  It FELT like that right from the beginning.  We die laughing about something every day.  One of my favorite moments was, and I share this with her permission, she learned the saying from the elders, ''we digress.''  We do that a lot.  One day we are indeed digressing during studies and she says, ''we degrease.''  LOST it.  I couldn't even talk to tell her what she'd really said.  So is life with a hilarious German companion.  She also named a spider that came into our apartment Heribert and with love threw him out the window saying ''Lauf!'' which is ''run'' in English.  I think she meant ''fly!''  TOO funny.  AND get this, yesterday a good friend of hers shows up to our ward!  They get talking and her friend tells her she has an American accent in her German.  Yo welcome :).

Dad and Mom, I used my ATM card for THE FIRST time.  Duh moment.  I took out 30 euros so if that shows up DON'T panic.  I have not received my card yet; not sure when of if you've sent it, but just so you know.  I'm a new woman for keeping track.  I'll keep it safe and use it wisely as a 21 year old can.  Dad HOLY COW that's crazy you know Elder Teixeira.  He has been to our mission, but it was right before I got here.  I've heard TONS about him.  I'll say hi if I ever meet him.

Love you all!  Let me know on my card.  Thanks Lid for the email!  I'll answer you next week!

Sister Packer   

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