Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Dodge night is here. (EP)

Dear Family/Friends,

The weather is really nice here. It is blowing me away. I keep wincing when I look outside in the mornings because I think it will be raining like crazy. It is still holding out for us, we should make the most of it. The Uni is crawling with new fish to be fished! The new students are called freshers.

We've had some interesting conversations with some of them. It is kind of weird to feel older/more experienced than them even though I have never been to Uni before. It will change pretty quickly. 

It has been suprisingly helpful to teach our investigators what I would call the little commandments. These are found in lesson four in chapter three of "Preach My Gospel". It isn't that I think they are useless, they are great but they seem less important to me. But I'm repenting.

I was worried about teaching them to Carole who is struggling with the big commitments of reading/praying/church. I didn't want to give her even more commitments. It seemed to make a big difference though to teach her the Law of Chastity. She is living it, she is married. She was happy to hear it. We also taught Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. She understood and accepted that too. It seems to support her rather than give her more to do. I don't fully understand it, but I think the little commandments really aren't that little and they make a BIG difference. I'm excited to go in with the other little ones to help her out even more. 

Oh yeah, did I mention two weeks ago that I hit my year mark? Well I did. That is weird. I don't want to be home yet, It feels like I've still got loads of work to do here! Well pray that I will figure out how to do that and do it effectively.

Well, the Dodge is coming tonight. It isn't as exciting because I'm most likely staying here to finish training Elder Lindquist. But any dodge night is exciting and we'll be freaking out when we get the call like we always do.

Elder Lindquist and I quote movies way too much. The other day I just starting singing a long note and then E.L. jumped in and began singing the Lion King song the Circle of Life  which fit perfectly, we naturally broke into two parts (this whole time he is washing dishes at the sink, not even looking at me) and started singing the entire song. He was doing the little chants in the background while I sang the main chorus and then we swapped (without any cues). Of course we didn't know the random words, we just made the words up and sang the notes. It was beautiful. Now that I read what I just wrote, it is kind of weird. But it was awesome. 

What a great companion I have. Unfortunately I probably only have 6 more weeks with him.

Prayer list:

I'll have to get pictures with these people so you can see them. They are SO AWESOME.

-Elder Jacob Packer

pictures:The Glenfield District. I love it here. It feels like home. 
 Elder Sam Harris from Lindon UT. He's my Zone leader.

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