Monday, September 29, 2014

It was good to read emails today! Oh yeah and I'm the district leader. (EP)

Dear everybody,

It was awesome to read emails today. It just sort of filled me up. I'll be good for the rest of the week now. 

So, transfer news! I'm the district leader. I'm staying here to finish training Elder Lindquist as predicted. Haha, I think I've got the basics of being a district leader, it is just knowing all of the random rules that apply to me. And I am still trying to figure out what to do for the next district meeting! 

Dad, Josh, Christian, everybody: Once again keep the advice coming! But I think I'm probably more interested in just random experiences you had if/when you were a district leader. Or stories about what your district leaders would do that was awesome/not so awesome. Nicole feel free to join in! In fact, anybody that wants to, send me some stories about district leaders.

Carole is away for the weekend so we haven't seen her for a while. We're going to push oursleves to get her to listen to General Conference and hopefully miracles will happen, Speaking of which, some people want a sneak peak about what we're going to hear in General Conference. Grandpa? Just kidding.I told them I would try but I didn't ;promise anything:)

Missionary advice: Get a photo album! Members and investigators have loved seeing mine. The winning picture so far is that one with all of us children lined up in height order looking down too BreAnne. 

Lydia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! You're an adult. Sheesh it is almost like wow you... kind of already were an adult. But now you can act your age! So I heard you had a fiesta to celebrate with brownies and icecream. I tell random members of the ward that it was your birthday. Ever since September came or anyone says they are turning 18 I'm like "My little sister is turning 18 this month." or "Your birthday is on the 27th? My sister's birthday is on that day too!"

Blast I've got to write president's letter. I love you all!

-Elder Packer

Elder Lindquist

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