Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm about to become a new mother as well :) (SP)

Hello family and friends!

THIS has been an interesting last couple of weeks.  I realized in my last emails I say almost nothing about the people we're teaching.  I'll get to that today.

First news.  With her permission to share more details, Sister Hemmi is heading home and won't be coming back out.  A few weeks ago, she had a distinct feeling that she should go home.  I've experienced that once in my mission (you don't know this mom) and realized that the feelings I had were ones of confusion and panic, not the Spirit.  As Sister Hemmi and I talked, I could sense that she felt so peaceful about it and after we fasted, she knew, and I could feel it too, that it was right.  Then after her decision was made, her back problems from previous injuries got worse.  Definitely the right decision.  It's been so wonderful and blessed of a an experience.  She leaves Thursday for the mission home and flies Friday.  I've had more fun with her than almost any companion I've had.  It's hard to have a favorite, but it's just been awesome.  I've learned some Swiss German during our time together too :).

Since she's leaving, someone will need to stay in the area.  I'm staying and recieving another Golden!  I'll most likely finish up here in Lahr training.  I couldn't feel more peaceful about it.  I'm so excited to show another companion yet again all the first joys and experiences a mission can bring!

It's interesting that my first Golden went into another mission and my second going home after 3 months.  They are both so amazing.  Hopefully this next one will be able to stay and help our mission out!

We're teaching Reiner and trying to help him identify his answer.  Pray that we can teach with the Spirit so that he may feel for the message we're sharing!

'Til next week!

Sister Packer

me and Gabi Benz from the ward who's in the US on the foreign exchange program!
Sister Hemmi and I. The cutie.

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