Monday, September 8, 2014


Where to begin?


Ok well, this week has been a good one. Not many lessons, just loads of finding. We found a lot of potential investigators. We had an exchange with the district leader Elder Ammon Harris. Together we had a couple of hours to GQ at the University. They had this huge anime convention thing for the last 4 or 5 days there so there were people dressed up as anything and everything. We saw some sweet costumes and some not so sweet costumes... frankly creepy. It made for good conversation.

The Zone leaders went finding with us as well. Elder Sam Harris. Some of you back home may know him. He's awesome!

Carole has started working again so we don't see her as much. Hopefully the absence will help her recognize the spirit more when we are there.

Honestly I thought I would have a lot more to write about than this...


Elder Packer

P.S. Mom THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your emails:) There is much I need to tell you:)

(Holland Rose is Natalie and Christian's new baby born just this last week on Sept 2.  Jake has been VERY ANXIOUS to hear the news!!  Both Nicole and Jake have missed the births of their last two nieces, born 2 months apart.  On the left is Josh and Courtney's baby Eden Monique and on the right giving Eden the "look" is baby Holland Rose, 5 days old : ). Grandpa Packer turns 90 this week, thus the Happy Birthday!!)

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