Monday, September 15, 2014

Week #16 in Westcotes... maybe 17. I don't know, but I love it here. (EP)

Dear everybody,

So we've had a much better week as far as key indicators go. I don't think they are the important thing though, the important thing is that we actually did what we could to fulfil our purpose. It is nice when it translates into good numbers though:)

So Elder Lindquist was a Beast and put Carole on a baptismal date for October 11th. It was a really cool experience. We stopped by Carole one evening and she let us in, her husband was home so we could go in. We didn't have a lesson plan, we weren't prepared, so we just started reading the Book of Mormon with her.

In the middle of the lesson I had the thought to put Carole on a baptismal date, but as I was going to invite her I hesitated. I kept thinking, Elder Lindquist will do it. Elder Lindquist will do it. And like clockwork he invited her to be baptised on a date. I was like "YES! That was by the spirit/That's my boy!" (all in my head of course). Pray Pray Pray Please:)

For all of you other missionaries, there is a random thing that just so happened to work out really well for us: For a spiritual thought in a DA for little kids, we just pulled out the picture book and had a Quiz. Who can say the person's name in the picture? We then flipped through the pictures at random (don't do the really hard ones like Elijah or Enoch) Then at the end of it we ended on the Temple and taught a short lesson on the temple. Nice and short and powerful.

We went to a baby shower for Maria's baby! I'm not exactly sure why we were invited but it ended up being very productive, we got several potential investigators who we can hopefully get to church. We had a good chance to help Maria cook a bunch of food. Phillipino food is awesome! (Shout out to Elder Jordan Kocherhans!). 

It was constant battle to figure out what she wanted me to do with the food. She kept saying stuff like "put it in there" referring to a massive container filled with vegetables and then pointing to an average size fying pan. "That isn't going to fit." But she would't take no for an answer. I dumped as much as I could into it. I may have spilled several pieces of cauliflower. Than Maria would say  "higher the fire!" (turn up the heat on the stove). I don't even know why she was cooking, she was supposed to be pampered and comfortable. She got told off by several women who took over her job of telling me what to do.

They brought an entire pig (see the picture attached). For the cherry on top, we played a game where we had to change the nappy (diaper) on the baby doll with blindfolds on. Our ties were used as the blindfolds. Kind of strange, but apparently I did pretty well, not to brag or nothin...

We had Zone Conference in Evington on Tuesday. It was good to see Elder Shaw again. Then on Friday we had to take a train to Birmingham for the Follow-Up Trainers meeting. Good times. I love trains. 

The Uni is alive again! There are students everywhere and things look promising. Time to catch some fish!

I love Elder Lindquist. We have a good time, and we work hard. I'm so blessed to be in this situation. The ward is awesome. I will most likely be here for one more transfer so the ward may get sick of me, but most of them don't know I'll be staying. 

Haha Kori, Grandpa Crowley still calls you Kody. :) It was in his email to me.

Lydia and Kori, WELL DONE ON THE ARTWORK!! I love it. You've got a gift.

Shoot time is short. I actually wrote a lot this time. Sorry everybody. Enjoy:)

-Elder Packer

They brought an entire pig for Maria's baby shower

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