Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weirdo Transfer Schedule! Holiday in Wolves! (EP)

I'm here in Wolverhampton with Elder Hern. I'm on a 4 night exchange with the guy. He's an English Bloke from Newcastle in the North of England. I'll explain why this has happened.
Because our mission will be getting iPads, President Rasmussen has been called to a meeting in Germany to get appropriate training and instruction. The meeting he is going to is happening on Wednesday, so our transfer schedule was thrown off. We had transfers yesterday.
The weird bit is that the new group of missionaries don't come in until Friday. I'm training a new missionary by the way. Elder Huff transferred to Rhiwbina (to my beloved Cardiff zone!) yesterday. Naturally I needed a companion until Friday. Elder Hern is also training so we were paired together for a few days. We'll travel to the mission office on Friday and pick up the new missionaries.
For now we're just getting each other psyched out for training! We've only been with each other for about... 20 hours and we've already done some weird stuff together.

Elder Packer and Elder Hern

I just barely took this picture her in the library. He's a funny dude. The English humor and wit are highly entertaining. We work well together. 

He had this work out DVD called getting the perfect bum or something... We tried it. I reckon I'll give it a few more tries to see if it really works.
I'll let you know about the new companion next p-day. I'm excited! Keep praying for Jordi and the Polish family!
-Elder Packer and Elder Hern.

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