Monday, April 27, 2015

3 minutes of silence... (SH)

Hey everyone! So last week I was gonna write an email and well.. I didn't but it was really good but its also really long! So I'll write it next week! But this week has been really good, we have been doing a ton of knocking I like it. I don't enjoy getting yelled at but the one person who lets us into their house is worth the whole street of rejection. 

The week has been good though, we had two investigators Tracy and Amarah come to church last Sunday and they said they loved it and were coming every week! That was amazing! We wen't on exchanges and a investigator that Sister Fleuren and I had in the MTC got baptized in Illinois so we got to call her and we got a less active to meet with us after years of rejecting missionaries! so great!

So this week we have been doing a lot of knocking and on Tuesday we had been knocking for 2 hours and everyone was so mean for most of the time.. all but one door! The one door was worth it all! BUT my companion hah, we were walking back to our car and shes all "Hey lets go knock that door" and I was trying to tell her that, that was the last door we knocked last time but she wrote the door before that down in her planner as the last door we knocked the day before. I kept telling her that I remembered knocking that door but shes like its fine, I remember the last door being blue so I told her that she could contact in then. She got to the door and knocked super loud and the guy comes to the door and is like "yes" and she didn't say anything at first so I went to say something when all of the sudden she starts looking at pointing at his door and is like "OH, which house number is this ohhh ohh oh, does Ashley live here?" I was so confused... We don't know an Ashley. Me and the guy were staring at her like she was crazy.. Hes like nah there is no Ashley that lives here and shes like oh okay sorry about that and starts walking away.. I had no idea what was going on so I just started walking back to the car and there was like 3 minutes of silence when I looked at her and was like Ashley huh.. She started freaking out and was like I panicked okay, he looked like he was gonna kill me! SO funny! I guess when my companion panics she asks for people she doesn't even know. I was dying! 

Moral of the story is that the Lord has humor and.. to be persistent. We are going back to his door today to knock and see if he will be baptized!

Love you all, have a great week!
-Sister Hansen 

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