Monday, April 13, 2015

Soo.. I am really bad at writing weekly emails it turns out.. (SH)

Soo.. I am really bad at writing weekly emails it turns out.. But I'm going to work at it.. We have 2 hours and I can't seem to write them ehe oh well.. 

Family and friends! How are you all doing? This week has been kinda crazy! So first off we are teaching like no one but its cool because it gives us more opportunities to go contacting and it gives us time to do companionship and 12 week studies! We have been missing those and oh man! Talk about feeling unprepared for everything! The busiest day in the visitors center so far has been about 300 people and out of all the hours straight we probably spent 6 to 7 hours straight talking without any breaks being there from 9 to 9. With doing 6 to 7 hours of teaching we can not rely on half of our companionship study or personal or 12 week! There is a reason we have 3 hours of studies! But as we strive to do all of those which we have really done this past week, we continue to see miracles! One of them is Luis!

Luis is an awesome guy hes about 20 and he was with his friend when we went up to talk to him and my companion asked me if I wanted to talk to them and I was like not really but we were almost going to pass them so I was like "Oh hey! We were asking people around what brings them the most happiness in life, so what brings happiness" and he said that it was friends and family. We asked him why and he said that its because those are the people we have the most amazing memories with. We started talking about the Plan of Salvation and then after a while into it he told us that he is really interested because his brother just recently died. He doesn't really believe in a God but he knows that his brother is somewhere because he said he can feel him and he was interested about our teaching of a plan for him and his brother. Woah. Wait rewind.. Right before we had gone contacting we prayed and specifically to meet 1 person who needed our message and not only did we meet that one person but it was someone who had needed the exact lesson that we had prepared. So neat and such a testimony builder for me. The Lord knows exactly what we need and what THEY need and when they need it. We haven't had the best success but seriously as soon as we really made it a part of our plan to do 12 week and comp study things completely changed and we met Luis!

Funny though because as soon as we start seeing success in the area something comes up. So our showers! We have 4 sisters in our flat and 2 showers but we still have to shower one at a time otherwise the water is freezing! So we have been trying to figure that out..4 sister who have to shower 1 at a time and all in the same hour. Fun stuff. But the other night we woke up and our bathroom was flooded! But we can't find the leak.. But still so now this is day 3 of having a flooded bathroom any time we leave it for more than 5 hours at a time! So now we are down to 1 bathroom and now our water heater is broken hah. So 1 shower 4 girls and cold water. Makes for lovely mornings! 

Also my companion tends to stop breathing at night! She didn't tell me until it happened the other night. She got up and ran away! What the heck! Her last companion ran after her and I was confused about what was going on and so the other sister and I got up and went in the other room and shes like choking on the floor. It took her like 15 minutes to calm down and to start breathing normally! Holy scary! She didn't tell me that she actually always needs an inhaler..thats usually something you tell someone. She is alive though so thats good. That same night the power went off and so we woke up like 2 hours later and we were walking around trying to find out what happened again and someone knocked on our door and it scared me so i sorta jumped and started walking to the door and my companion comes out of nowhere and we head butted I'm pretty sure that I bounced off of the hallway wall. She completely floored me!! I'm still feeling that one. 

Anyways I love you all! Have a great week! 

Sister Hansen

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