Monday, April 13, 2015

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Hey everyone!

Hey so Mom, I felt the same way about General Conference.

I wasn't tired, I just soaked it in. I tried a new method of taking notes. I didn't write down quotes or words from the talks. I just wrote down things that I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me. My general Conference Notes have never been so simple and easy to read before. They also were pretty random, but MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY WERE RELEVANT TO MY MISSIONARY WORK AND MY INVESTIGATORS.  It wasn't the usual list of cool thoughts and scripture references. It was actual revelation for my current situation that I could apply immediately.

We taught my man Jordi! He is from Spain. He is so awesome. Spanish class has come to the rescue once again! He felt the spirit strongly in our lesson. He can't come to church until the 26th because of work. I'm so excited for him though.

We also taught an awesome Polish family. They are hilarious, they are working on learning English. I'm working on learning Polish. I tried to read the Polish Book of Mormon out loud to them and they were laughing so hard. Whatever it takes to get them open to it:) They have two kids, one who is 8 years and one who is 18 months.

On other news, we are at the Lichfield chapel right now. We are going to play sports for district p-day. 

I went on exchange with Elder Sorenson this week. We had a good time.

Oh and I met an Elder that was in the Fishers landing ward in Vancouver WA! His name is Elder Jarvis.

-Elder Packer

Before hair cut...

After hair cut.  I don't know why I look so sad.

Elder Sorenson and Elder Page at District meeting. Yes that is an energy drink. It describes our district meetings perfectly.

Elder Jarvis from Vancouver, WA and Elder Packer (who used to be from Vancouver, WA)

Elder Sorensen in the middle with the glasses

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