Monday, July 28, 2014

21 Miracles (SP)

Family and Friends,
You know those times when you pray for something and you feel the faith that you will receive it and that all will go well?  You know you had a good thing you were praying for and had hope it would happen.
That was this week.
Sister Hemmi and I heard about two sisters in our zone that were striving to get 21 lessons in one week.  Hefty goal.  But both of us after breaking it down, believed it was possible.  And so came the spark in our eyes and determination to try. 

This last week was our attempt. We gave ourselves a good week and half/two weeks of prep time and also fasted the week before.  We fasted that we would reach 21 lessons with the purpose of bringing His children closer to Him. We intended to count all types of lessons including member lessons, other lessons with investigators, less actives, new converts...etc.) 

We made a ZILLION calls to everyone we were working with and past investigators.  Our motto, ''NOW is the Time'' gave us motivation to work every minute we had.  Our fast proved miraculous and so were the blessings that poured down from heaven.  Almost every call we made turned into an appointment!  Our week was full.  We were pumped!

What we thought would be 21 lessons, turned into an adventure that we weren't quite expecting.  We calculated that we needed three lessons a day to reach our goal.  Some days had two some had four etc.  It was going well until Wednesday rolled around.  Three of our four appointments that same day fell out.  It was crazy.  Baffled, we worked on our backup plans which were full as well and kept busy.  Thursday, a new investigator who was excited and eager to learn more about the gospel having already heard the 2nd lesson got cold feet and dropped us when we invited her to be baptized.  It was crazy and we were devastated, but not hopeless.  So is the work sometimes, right?  Then, to our continued surprise, the same thing that happened on Wednesday happened on Saturday: three out of four, gone the same day. 

Sister Hemmi and I reviewed the week.  We had obviously prayed and fasted for these lessons.  We'd felt inspired to work towards this goal.  We saw miracles in setting up every last appointment we strived to keep.  What was the Lord teaching us? 

We came up with a few crucial points that we took note of. 1. Although we were busy and filled our week with appointments, our studies suffered because of the amount of travel.  We always got Personal Study, but Companionship, Language, and Training were the intended ''back up'' plan more than once.  It was clear evidence to me how sacred ALL of our studies are.  Not just Personal or even Personal and Companionship, but all are important.  2. Weekly planning didn't receive all the attention it deserved as well. Weeks don't go well period if that doesn't go well.

But we did see some good points. Lessons learned.  1. God answers prayers especially when we've fasted for them and we feel it was for a good purpose.  2. God blesses His children with miracles.  You know what?  We may not have seen 21 lessons play out, but we planned and had planned 21 lessons.  We'd done it!  We'd planned, called, prayed, worked, reaped!  It is possible!  3. Having a full week feels good.  It felt good to just work and people were found along the way.  

We still believe that 21 lessons while completing our studies and obeying all the rules is possible. We're planning our second attempt with renewed goals and expectations. We learned some valuable lessons. 
I just want to give a shout out to a couple people that have inspired me today.  First, Jared C.  He is like a brother to me and has shown exceeding faith and trust in the Lord.  There's no one who know's each of us like our Father in Heaven.  We go through our own ups and downs for our salvation and for the purpose of being able to aid others along the way.  I cannot express the joy and gratitude, truly that encompass my heart every time I feel of my Father's love when I, being carried on the wings of angels, succussfully survive through something difficult.  It's only possible due to the Savior.  Second, Kori.  Your testimony has touched my heart.  I want you to know that you are family.  We love you as you were our own blood.  Thank you for your strong, enduring spirit.
I love you all so much.  I love the Lord and know with a surety that this is His work.  In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Packer
Mom.  Vitamins.  Tell me tell me tell me mooooooore.  I want to know.  I've been asking about them.
Dad, I love you.
Jessie, I just love ya.
Lyd, you too.
Dan and Bre, love and miss you both.
Nat, new baby!!
Courtney, how are you with Eden? 

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