Monday, July 21, 2014

The Elect Can Be Found (SP)

Sister Hemmi is such an incredible companion.  I realize every day how blessed I am to be able to serve with her and enjoy her Swiss German outbursts and accent.  She works SO HARD and get's things done no matter what I'm doing or if I've done what some might say ''my part.''  She just does the work.  I realized how much I've thought on doing the same amount of work and keeping it ''even'' so to say when working with my companions.  Maybe I learned that from home as everyone called ''spots'' at the table or on couches.  But I've realized moreso how important it is to just do the work and to respect every person in how they do it themselves. 
A common conversation she and I will have is as follows.
Sis Hemmi: ''Wait, I keep forgetting.  How do you do this?  No, wait don't tell me, I'm going to figure it out first.''
Sis Packer: *Chuckling* and waiting patiently.  I give a tiny little hint, and she goes,
Sis Hemmi: ''Oh, ya right right!  Ok ok I got it.  Thanks.''
Too much fun.  She's so confident in doing things that I'm impressed that she knows how to do so many random things.  For example, how to make a Sunday casserole from scratch.  We get going chopping away and I ask her, ''Have you made casseroles before?'' Without a pause she admits she's never done one in her life.  Hahaha I love it.  (It did turn out good by the way.)
I learned about humility and gratitude this week.  In Zone Training I remembered this as one missionary made a comment about it.  He said that there's a peace that only comes when we're humble.  And in that meeting I really felt peace sweep over my heart as I deepened my grasp on what that means for me.  It means that no matter where I'm at, what I'm doing, what success I think we're having, it all belongs to the Lord.  The Lord truly has blessed us in our area and having this lesson softened my heart even more to His grace.
David is progressing well towards baptism!  Every time we meet, his faith blows me away.  The Lord IS going before us preparing His people!

I don't remember if I related a story to you or not, but there was one day when an appointment fell out and Elder and Sister Bignall went clingaling with me to some of her neighbors (when I was in a threesome between Lahr and Freiburg areas).  We met a woman during those few minutes that I've gone back to a couple times just to say hi and eventually she agreed to an appointment.  She told us right up front in her Polish accent that she's also seen Jehovah's Witnesses and would allow us to meet twice max and that was it.  With a little gleam in my heart we agreed to her offer.  We visited her the first time and the Spirit was so strong.  She was blown away at how long we'd been outside walking and doing only missionary work.  She was interested in the Book of Mormon and took one.  We met again yesterday and she was so excited to have us there.  She made us evening bread so it's called and we taught her the whole Plan of Salvation and even went into work for the dead in Temples.  She ate it up and kept shushing her husband who bless his heart has dementia and would frequently interrupt the lesson :).  She started the intro and read the witnesses pages to the Book of Mormon.  She was so excited to get a book in Polish and agreed excitedly to read.  She also prayed without hesitation and was so humble.  In the middle of her heartfelt prayer she'd ask us for the next step.  She could just feel that what we were bringing to people was important to learn.  She loved that we believe in visions and revelations.  It was truly miraculous to see how what started out to be an ''unlikely investigator'' turned out to be one of the elect. 
I love you all so much.  I know this work is real and as we put our works and our faith together, miracles will follow.  And it starts NOW with a prayer.  The Lord's way is simple!  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Sister Packer       

pic: we sometimes have adventures and clean our floor rugs :).

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