Monday, July 7, 2014

''Be still and know that I am God.'' (SP)

Well, among all the adventures of the week there are a few that come out above them all.

I'll start with Thursday.  We had our Zone Training/Conference with our new mission president, President Kohler!  He isincredible.  Words could hardly describe how much at peace and how much hope I gained from meeting his family and hearing his vision of the work.  He talked about three things I wanted to briefly share that made a HUGE difference.

1. Connect.  Learning to really truly connect with people.
​2. Teach clearly and simply.
3. Help people.  ​Learn how to really truly help people.  If we know how to meet needs, they're needs can be met because the gospel truths meets everyone's needs.

​He was literally left here with his family knowing close to nothing about how to be a mission president.  But in their humility, the Spirit bore such powerful witness that when someone is called they are qualified.  He was clearly nervous, but those were some of the most powerful meetings I've been in on my mission.  No matter what callings we are called to, trust in that Almighty Being who called us.  He knows and has already prepared the way for that calling to be met.  Taking time to ''be still'' helps us realize, at least it did for me, that I allow myself to get worked up.  It's kind of like when you witness those moments when a toddler gets a good konk to their noggins and there's a brief moment of decision whether they'll be ok with it, or be really sad.  I'm not saying we suck it up when something painful happens, but there's always a choice in how we act and sometimes, I make up a lot of stories, excuses, or just plain worry.  But it's ok.  We all do it.  That's why we have our Father in Heaven to help us.

The next story was Friday.  As my companion and I were walking out of our apartment around 1:30 in the afternoon, I noticed that a door to one of our storage units in our hallway was open.  Hm, weird, my companion must have gotten it and not closed it.  I went over and without realizing it, saw her suitcase inside like normal and not my two pink ones or her second blue one.  I thought, oh I probably took them inside.  And then I saw the bang up marks on the door and that the lock on the door was still in ''locked'' position.  It had been forced open.  And our luggage was gone.  Along with my passport, other important documents, clothes, old planners, old study journals, etc.  Both of us were not even sure how to react.  But we both had no fear about it and calmly, very calmly I might add, called our land lord and Elder and Sister Bignall to confirm what had happened.  We couldn't go to our finding day because we went to meet with our landlord and the police to investigate the scene.  Both Policemen were astounded and head never seen such a clean break in (close to no damage) and without anyone knowing about it.  I myself was bewildered!  I still feel no panic about it.  Ya, my cute pink suitcases were so cute and I loved em, the steal deal they were!  But immediate action was taken, passwords were changed (thanks to mom), calls made, parents emailed, nothing to worry about.  Just need to order a new passport :). 

Moral of the story, the Lord's got your back when that happens.  It could have been a LOT worse.  I could be missing ALL my stuff and journals and wallet.  I'm really grateful.  We'll figure it out haha and now we have a great story!  Oh AND the same day I got a letter from a friend :).  Heavenly Father couldn't have given me anything else that would have cheered me up more.  So, WRITE LETTERS.  You never know when someone get's all their luggage stolen and passport and needs a cheer up.  Hahaha.

Other more important news!  David wants to be baptized!  We committed him to a date in August and he's so excited!  He's coming to church on the 13th when he's not working and is looking forward to it!  YAY miracles!  The Lord is so good!  

We're setting a goal to get 21 lessons in next week.  We're fasting for it :).

Love you all!!   

Sister Packer

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