Monday, July 7, 2014


Dear Everyone,

Happy Birthday Courtney on the 2nd!!! Happy Birthday to the USA on the 4th!!! Happy Birthday to Eden on the 5th!!! andHappy birthday to Dad today!!! I'm an uncle again!!! I am loving this. I cried when I saw little Eden. What a great name by the way. I suggest the middle name be...  jaquline. It is the closest thing to Jake that I can think of. Never mind. That would be weird for her to say that she was named after her uncle...

ANYWAY,  I'm so excited to see her!

Congratulations Josh and Courtney! You two will be awesome parents. Josh, wait a while before you give her the BB gun. 

For the 4th of July we did... nothing, except for a whole load of missionary work. It was good. My district leader and his companion gave me a voice mail in the morning of them making firework noises and singing "I'm proud to be an American". It was a good way to start the day:)

On the 5th of July though, an American family in our ward had a big party celebrating the 4th. Loads of ward members were there along with some non-members. Besides having some amazing food, Elder Shaw and I did some solid missionary work. There was a big England Flag and a big USA flag in the front yard. It was really cool to be here in England for this holiday, for reasons you can guess. There were some playful jokes here and there about "we were glad to get rid of you" etc. There was no awkwardness about it at all. We all truly enjoyed ourselves.

The nicest part was when we sang the Star Spangled Banner. It was so nice to sing that song. A member played it on his tuba and we all sang along. I am proud to be an American citizen. I love my home. I love it here in England. I love these people more and more. One guy was wearing a statue of liberty costume. Yep, that is our ward mission leader.

Mom, I'm feeling better. I am able to work out now in the mornings and not be exhausted. I'm gradually getting back into it. Elder Shaw didn't go as deep into the sickness as I did. He  is either really good at faking it, or he is on the mend as well.

Coco, way to have a great attitude about the luggage deal. 

I'm excited to hear the girls' stories about choir tour. 

Life is good here in England, the weather has been really nice. We've met some awesome people. 

Carole is doing well. She enjoys our visits more and more. We've introduced baptism and she didn't say no. We'll still try to get the yes out of her. Pray that she can read and pray.

We haven't gotten the update on Sam, the other missionaries taught him a lesson on Saturday and hopefully it went well. Keep him in your prayers though. He is an easy going guy and might take a while to really get into the Book of Mormon. Is it bad to pray that he will get into it sooner? I don't know. Just pray for Sam.

We met with Altia this week again. It was good. She still won't be able to come to church because of work. We are trying to get her family involved by stopping by when she isn't in and getting to know them.

Thanks for the prayers everyone. Keep them coming! 

-Elder Jacob Packer 

Here is a picture of the party.

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