Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey family and friends! (EP)


So This week has been awesome. Elder Shaw and I saw miracles happen. Mostly because we stopped moping around and went finding like crazy! We went on exchange with the Zone Leaders this week and I learned a ton. The Zone Leaders usually exchange with the district leaders in the zone only. Apparently they are doing exchanges with all of the teams in our Zone, at least most of them, during this transfer. 

So I was in Loughborough with Elder Sam Harris (He went to Oak Canyon Jr. High, and Timpanogos High School! Lindon Pride!). It was weird to be in a car. I enjoyed it:) He had to remind me to guide him when he backed up the car like 5 times.

Miracles just happen on exchange. They do. We were able to teach one of their investigators who accepted a baptismal date. We taught a first lesson to someone. We did some finding as well. Talking to foreigners is so much better when you can say a few things in their language. Chinese, Italian, African, anything. Just knowing simple words breaks down some walls in the first few moments of a GQ.

The biggest miracle of all was that Carole came to church!! She came with her daughter and two grandchildren. She only made it for the last hour (Relief Society) but she loved it. After having zero investigators at church for 3 weeks we had FIVE show up on Sunday. What the blessings!? Do you remember Jacob the random guy that walked in on his own? Well, we invited him again and he came! We've got an appointment with him on Wednesday


Would you mind doing us another favor and praying again for Carole, Jacob, Tom, Suzie, Altia, and Roberta? Thanks. 

We sang hymn 307 in sacrament meeting. If you remember, Jacob told us last time that we would meet at a coffee shop. If you read hymn number 307 you'll see that it pretty much lays out the whole Word of Wisdom. Jacob afterwards was like "Oh so that is why you didn't want to go the coffee shop. We'll have to go to a different place." He was cool about it. He's got a lot of questions for us about the priesthood. Time to cram knowledge into my brain! we've got an appointment with him on Wednesday.

Carole is doing well, we've got an appointment with her tomorrow

Yep, we're buzzing about it. I've felt my testimony grow a bunch as I've shared it with people. It unexpectedly comes out at random times.

All I've got to do is keep up this pace, and maintain my happy/finding attitude.

Welp, until next time.

-Elder Jacob Packer

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