Monday, July 28, 2014

What a strange week... (EP)

Yep this week has been a weird one. Blast Satan! Sometimes the dumbest little lies are all he needs to get people in a mess. Of course the influence of drugs/alcohol can make anything sound different than it is. 

Anyway, we had a significant increase in the number of drunk people talking to us and saying random things. One guy even gave myself and Elder Shaw a hug. One guy asked us for a Bible, so he could rebuke his wife/partner with its teachings, they were both drunk, because his wife was with him when he asked us and she was super polite saying thank you over and over again. 

We ate lunch with an awesome guy in the park who was playing guitar.

A few of our investigators are doing well, some are just stalling and others are kind of avoiding us. We had a lesson that didn't go so well due to a language/cultural barrier and we think our investigator has dropped us. :(

Our lesson with Carole was alright, we committed her to live part of the Word of Wisdom. Taking it one step at a time. We'll probably have to move her baptismal date back a week or two but no worries. It will happen in the Lord's time. 

Our district is still doing well, we're teaching loads and we've got some baptisms coming up that are for the Sister missionaries in Westcotes. Exciting stuff!

Yuck, you know that feeling when you go into a lesson, the TV is on, the music is on (even if it is quiet) and the lesson doesn't go super well because you are personally distracted by the TV, music and every other thing in the room. And you didn't have the guts to ask them to turn it all off. Then you leave the lesson and you kick yourself because you should have done it... you know that feeling? 

Well I do. It is gross. The moral of the story is this. Don't let your investigators or yourself suffer from the lack of the Spirit. The worldly influences are pretty tough when the Spirit isn't there to fight with you.

I've learned some heavy but valuable lessons this week. I am learning to pray with a different sincerity. The "Gospel" and my "real life" are becoming fused together... if that makes sense. 

All it takes is trying to be better, day by day. Take notes about spiritual promptings. Act on those promptings. read the scriptures. I KNOW that doing those things does exactly what the prophets promise. 

"What do the prophets promise will happen when I read the scriptures and pray?" you ask. Go to and click the first talk that comes up, just read and search. seek and ye shall find. :)

Much love from the Westcotes Ward in Leicester!

-Elder Packer

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