Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall is here! (SP)

Fall is here!

I was here exactly at this time last year as I already said, but it's just so beautiful.  I love this area.  There's just something about Munich that steals my heart.

We're currently teaching 2 investigators that are progressing well, Natalie and Sebastian.  Natalie is preparing for baptism on the 25th.  She's AWESOME.  She's so so SO ready.  Sebastian is 17 and reads and is learning so much very quickly.  It's really neat.  I know that everyone at home has a lot to pray for.  If you feel inclined to pray for little München 3 ward, pray for Natalie to feel prepared and ready and to be baptized at the right time.  Pray that Sebastian can feel the power of what we're teaching him.  I also realize you don't know them and that's important in sending heartfelt prayers for them.  We appreciate whatever is sent our way.

The work here is flourshing.  About 2 years ago our ward went through a rough patch, but through the faith of these members who are ROCKS, progress has been made and I've been able to meet the new converts that were only investigators when I was here.  It's so neat to see the glow and spark in their eye.  There's nothing better.  They were so ready before it's almost as if it was always there.  SO SO neat.

Sister Harman goes home in about 2 weeks ending her mission here.  If I stay with Sister Smith, I will have started and ended my mission in Munich 3 with a Sister Smith as my companion.  Oh, the irony. :)

I loved LOVED conference!  We watched some more last night.  I loved President Uchtdorf's talk ''Lord, is it I?''  I've really loved remembering that and looking first at ME to know where the problem and need for repentance lies.  SO grateful.  I love repentance and am so grateful we get to every day!  Have you ever thought about days?  We get new days ALL the time.  What a GENIUS part of the plan!  We get to take a whack at life for just a few hours, sleep, get up, and try again.  OVER and over again.  I'm really really grateful for that :).  I'm grateful for all the emotions available to us to feel every day.  They all have a purpose and place.  We have feelings for a REASON every time they happen, whether we understand them or not.  I think sometimes I think ''I shouldn't feel this way'' because I don't understand my feelings about something, not necessarily because they're wrong.  I actually think feelings are NEVER wrong.  They're just there.  They're there to teach us and be used as tools to communicate with our Father in Heaven.  I'm so grateful for them!
Love you all dearly!

Sister Packer

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