Monday, October 20, 2014

Here goes another one (EP)

Dear Everybody,

Story of the week: We taught way more lessons then last week and had some really good ones. One guy I'm way stoked for is a guy named Reece. He has some relatives that are members. He must be a "prayed for" person as Brother Mann our WML would say.

Elder Lindquist and I did a full weekly planning session! Some of you may not realize what that is, but according to PMG it "may take 2-3 hours to complete" (see chapter 8 of PMG). Because we hadn't done a proper weekly planning session in about 4 weeks we had a lot to catch up on. Elder Lindquist and I were doing it for around 6 hours! Oh man. It was long. But it was super helpful for us to know what to change in our companionship (Mom, it is funny you should tell me about how talking things out can keep relationships strong).

This buff Swede I'm working with is an animal. He has a million and a half horse power ready to go and I just need to let him take off.
Natalie, if a random guy hugs me on Friday I'll let you know about it. :)

PRAY THAT WE CAN BAPTIZE SOMEONE! Preferrably Reece:) This transfer. Before November 5th.

-Elder Packer.

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