Monday, October 6, 2014

HEY, long time no update (SP)

HEY, long time no update.


Sister Bawden flew home Wednesday honorably and with a heart for the work.  We went to Munich Tuesday and spent that evening with the president Kohler and his family and slept that night in the mission home.  We sent her off the next day on her plane.  It was SO FUN to be there with them and filled me with peace.  They feel exaclty like my family.  Mom, seriously, Sister Kohler and you are the SAME person.  I LOVE her so much.  She is a perfect mom for our mission and brings reality and energy to us as missionaries.  They all called Sister Bawden often to make sure she's ok and also me to see how I'm doing as well.  They've been the perfect parents when mine are miles away in Lindon.  

Sooo emergency transfer for yours truly.  And (drum roll.....) I'm back in München 3!  I gave president all the ideas I had for where I could go, as far as apartment space, and he felt München 3rd ward was right.  Woot!  It's been really interesting coming back to an old area after a ...ahem a YEAR  ....Where has time gone?  It's been exciting and so wonderful to come back and talk with all the members again!  We've been able to go by less actives and have seen miracles in helping them and having once known them.

My companions are Sister Krissi Harmon and Sister Brooke Smith!  I love them so much.  They've taken me right in and we've dived right into the work here.  The Lord knows I prayed hard for the people in Lahr.  The Lord knew this would happen and that the sisters area would remain closed for a transfer.  So yep, I'll be here at least until the end of October.  We'll see if I go back to Lahr for my last transfer or stay here... Or train again.... or open a new area... or receive an extension... (you never know....) ;). 

October fest just passed.  It was just as it was last year.  A little weird to be here again during that time....  But it's so neat to be back here as a new missionary with many new skills under my belt!  

I love the work and know that God has a plan for us all!  His way is the BEST way no matter what!  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Nicole Packer
München 3 (round 2)  

My companions are Sister Krissi Harmon and Sister Brooke Smith!

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