Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter to Mom and Dad from Jake (EP)

(Jake didn't send a general letter this time, not sure why, so I am including parts of the letter he sent to Lawrence and I.  I was joking with Jake that since I don't cook as much any more, Danielle and BreAnne were completely amazed that I could actually make an apple pie--that I could cook.  Sad, but some times things change a little in life.  Danielle and Bre have become fabulous cooks since I haven't been cooking as much--there are always silver linings to any situation!!  From the last post of Jake's, I had included a letter sent by Sis Mann to me to inform me that Jake was having a good birthday...that is what the "Manns" section is referring to.)

Hi mom and Dad,

Yes, the Manns are great. Mom, apparently you sent them an email that was large in stature. So they know a lot more about me/my family then they did before. Brother Mann is the Ward Mission Leader here. He is so great.

Don't worry Mom. I know you can cook. Oh man I am jealous. Apple pie sounds great right now. Have you ever had it with custard? I don't think I've had any sort of pie or crumble here without custard on it. It is just what they do here.

People to pray for:

Reece Smith (On a baptismal date for Nov 15th)
Carole Taylor (we're dropping her for a time. But one great sign is that she randomly texted us asking us to pray for one of her good friends who just passed away. She really trusts us and knows that prayers work.

Alexander Haughin. This guy has such a powerful testimony, he just needs to figure out how to come to church/pick up his phone. He tries my patience more than any other investigator. It is one of the biggest trials of patience so far on my mission. He just never answers his phone but we KNOW he still wants to do it, and we want to set it up but he isn't answering... yada yada yada compliant complaint etc. Anyway. He is a great guy and loves us and the gospel to bits.

Bear (Haha that is his chosen English name. He is from China)

Warren Mitchell (19)

Cain Mitchell (18)
(These two blokes are less active and SO NEED TO SERVE MISSIONS! We play football with them every week.)

Theo Zake (17) Another young man that is making the hard decision between mission and uni. 

As far as needing anything goes... I know that I should let you know about Christmas stuff ASAP but I hit that wall where I can't think of anything. "They do this EVERY YEAR" (Ice Age). Maybe those floss pick things from Walmart. They are great. 

Dad thanks for your little updates:) I love them. I can't believe you said "haps" in your email. Somebody has been hanging around teenage girls too much. 

-Elder Packer

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