Monday, October 13, 2014

This week: Day 1 Week 3 Month 13 Transfer 10 Year 2 (EP)

It is so good to hear that Loriann is doing better! Seriously, the power of prayer is HUGE. It was instantly a huge surge of power when that was sent out to everyone. I think it was one of those situations where people automatically start praying in their hearts whether it is a formal prayer or not. 

The whole mission is being made aware of the standard of excellence in the mission which is one person baptized per transfer. Currently Elder Lindquist and I have one person who is on a baptismal date this transfer. The other people we are hoping will make it are these: An awesome student named Christina, another student named Sarah, and another student named Fadzai. We've had some good lessons with them so far.

There are many other things to pray for I know, but if you could pray just for the right people to be taught and baptized this transfer that would be great. Thanks!

Ok to finish the Jose story:

Elder Lindquist and I were GQing one morning in the days of yesterweek. We were fairly close to home and were just finding along the streets. We were planning on going in at 12 for lunch. I really love lunch and I rarely miss that appointment. It was about 11:50 and we started heading home. 

Now, it probably would only take 5 minutes for us to get home. I knew in my heart that we had time for a couple more GQs. slowly started to re think and then I finally gave in by saying (by my body language) "FINE. Just one or two more." We took a different route home. One that would take few extra minutes. We GQd some people. I cool Indian guy named Raj, who was way interested was the first guy I GQd. "Wow" I thought "that was why we came this way.". Feeling quite satisfied I almost didn't GQ this other guy that was walking down the pavement. I stopped him. He turned out to be JOSE. The guy from Mexico who is here in Leicester on holiday visiting his sister. WHAT THE RANDOM??? 

We started talking, it turned out that he had time to talk so we walked over to a nearby tree to be in the shade. I pulled out the picture book all prepared to teach the Restoration, trying my best to throw in Spanish words that would help him out. Then the second half of the miracle happened! A new member named Ana Prata (Dad, she is the one who wanted to know where you served your mission in Portugal) came riding by on her bicycle. She was on her way to teach a lesson with some other missionaries. She stopped and taught the lesson with us, because she was just in Spain for 3 weeks learning Spanish she was able to translate, bear testimony and take his email so she could email him during the week to set up appointments. He doesn't have a phone here so emailing is the only way. 

-Elder Packer 

(Jake ended abruptly and sent a second email!)

Haha, sorry I panicked because I thought my time was about to run out so I signed and sent that last email:) Turns out that I have about 20 more minutes on my email time.

So we taught Jose about the Restoration and then taught him the next day about prayer. We explained to Jose that we felt like we should take a different way and that it wasn't an accident that we ran into him. Than Ana jumped in and said that she had felt a prompting to go a different way as well. She told us afterwards "Jose must be really special if we were both led to him at the same time". He is special. We struck a chord with teaching him his purpose in life. He is really interested in the Plan of Salvation. I think he just gets amused when I try to speak Spanish. Hey, it makes him happy. 

This week it suddenly got really cold and the leaves changed and we are finally into the England that you see in the movies. rainy, grey and full of potential for missionaries!

Note for Grandpappy Packer: Everybody loved your talk, everybody here is always asking about you and your health. People care about you and Grandma here. Thanks for everything you do. I love you Gramps! (One guy wanted me to complain to you however that one of the songs in one of sessions wasn't conducted properly... Blast. I told him I would tell you. He even followed up with me and asked me if I told you about it! He obviously was a missionary once upon a time.)

-Elder Jacob Packer

No idea what this is except a bug of some type...English Earwig perhaps?

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