Monday, October 6, 2014

We're definitely praying for Loriann and Moke (EP)

Dear everybody,

We're definitely praying for Loriann and Moke. (For those of you who don't know them, they had a bad accident and could use prayers right now!)

Prayer is a huge piece my missionary life lately. We had a lady named Maria, the one who threw the big baby-shower with a whole pig for the refreshments ask us to pray for her this week. She called us on the phone last on Saturday night and was crying because she was in so much pain. She just asked that we pray for her so we said a prayer with her right then. The good news is that the baby came the next day! I haven't heard how his health is just yet, but as far as I know it is good.

Elder Lindquist and I have had good week. We've found tons of potentials this week and we really want to start getting new investigators from them. We had a miracle happen this week regarding a Mexican chap named Jose. I was shocked to learn he was from Mexico. We instantly started talking about how we both missed eating Mexican food. Anyway, we taught him on the spot. I'll have to finish the story next time. I don't have much time now. 

I love you all,

Thanks for everything!

-Elder Packer

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