Friday, October 24, 2014


 Elder Jacob Packer who turned the big 20 today, October 24th!!  

Officially out of his teenage years... wipe a tear... our little boy is growin' up!!  
Happy Birthday Elder Jacob Packer!!! We love you!!!

Hey, update from Sis Mann from the Westcotes Ward (where Elder Jacob Packer is serving--thank you Sis Mann!!!).  Bro Mann is the Ward Mission Leader, so works with Elder Packer quite a bit.  Apparently, because it was Elder Packer's birthday the following day, Sis Mann wrote us a sweet letter along with a couple of pictures (his official 20 year old pictures!!): 

My name is Ali Mann and I live in Westcotes ward where your son is currently serving as a missionary. My husband Nigel is the ward mission leader so we have the privilege and honour of looking after the missionaries. We try hard to love and support them and treat them as our own children.  We just love Elder Packer, he is such a sweet, kind, well mannered, thoughtful young man. You can be really proud of him!!!! You've done a great job raising him! 
We were at the chapel today getting ready for our oldest son's wedding on Saturday, when the missionaries emerged from a district meeting. Elder Packer had these funny cardboard glasses on that look like the candles on a birthday cake. Since it is his birthday tomorrow I thought you would appreciate seeing a photograph of him wearing his silly glasses, all wrapped up and ready to go tracting.  Our second son Oliver is currently out serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission, so we know what it is like to have a child out in the mission field ( I know you currently have two out).  Anyway, I'm quite sure that you will be thinking of him all day tomorrow on his birthday so thought you would appreciate having a photo of him.

PS I'm not sure why he isn't smiling in the photo because he was laughing a few moments before and after.

Love the glasses.  Very distinguished looking.
The official mature 20 year old Jacob. Yup.

Before he was 20....
Elder Jacob Packer at 19 1/2 yrs old...

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