Monday, November 10, 2014

Formula for Success! (SP)

Friends and Family,

This week was so cool.  Number wise we weren't doing so hot, but we took some serious time to pray and fast about what this area needs at this time.  Sister Smith is a rockstar and I couldn't have picked a better companion to end my mission with.  We started a fast one night, ate late which is not advised, but just whipped up some rice and spices, prayed, and went to bed.  SO AWESOME.  Sometimes you just need help and you scrape together a fast, a prayer and do your best.  (I woke up at 4 am DYING of thirst.  He understands those moments too.  I had a small cup of water and went back to bed.  I'm so grateful for a loving Father who's practical and REAL.)  

We had two less active lessons this week with members there with us.  SO POWERFUL.  We basically were the excuse to talk more about the church for one of the appointments and it was just awesome.  I've grown to love them so much.  I now know what visiting teaching is and WHY WE DO IT as President Uchtdorf has talked about.  I'm SO grateful!  Happier life fulfilling that calling at home!  And so much more joy in being obedient!

We received the impression to go to the area book this so we'll see what the Lord has in store for us there.  Working with members is SO amazing.  They blow my mind.  I've never been with so many first or second generation converts and felt like I was with someone famous!  Ah man it's so amazing!

We've had some AMAZING studies.  I've made it once again a goal to read from the Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel, and conference talks every day.  HOLY MOLEY.  It's incredible, especially the times of companionship study when Sister Smith shares her wise insights and Sister Packer scribbles as fast as she can the wisdom that's poured out.  I wanted to share one insight that she gave this morning.

Formula to a Successful... missionary, Mom, Dad, sister, brother, husband, wife, grandma, grandpa, boss, colleague, in-law, bishop, visiting teacher, Program passer-outer, ANYTHING)

Obedience + Righeous Living + Doing your best to help others live the gospel


Successful (blankety-blank) 
(I think she means "fill in the blank" : ))

**Baptisms.....organized house, clean kitchen, perfect reports for whatever, nice car, perfectly organized chore chart, organized basement, fixed lights/doors/toilets (all the things men so wonderfully fix and build), perfect grades, a million dates, a million friends on facebook, the perfect job...ETC. ETC.SOLD SEPARATELY** 

I looooove you all :).

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Packer

Sis Smith is a Rockstar!!

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