Monday, November 17, 2014

Jaw breakers (EP)

So... Once upon a time Elder Sever and I had two large Jaw breakers. Now it is important to remember that these jaw-breaking balls were filled in the center with bubble gum. Just remeber that. We were doing our weekly planning and needed a sugar buz. We decided to put them in our mouths. When we realized that they were too big to close our mouths around them we decided to take selfies. (See first picture)  

Later (about 2 minutes) we decided we had enough sugar in our system and didn't want to continue eating them. Elder Sever then had inspiration strike him in the face.

"Lets put them in the microwave and see what happens!" He says.

"Yeah lets do it!" I say.

So, we put our Jaw-breakers in the microwave, we were smart and put them in a plastic container, uncovered, just in case it got messy. With the power on medium high we let them run for about 2 minutes.

Like we do when we have loads of sugar inside of us, we got distracted and were talking about random stuff outside of the kitchen door. then BAM! I gunshot was heard in the microwave followed closely with a second gun shot.

We rushed back into the kitchen to find the microwave smoking and a bad smell in the air.

Convinced that we had murdered our microwave Elder Severe looked at me and exclaimed "WHY ARE TEENAGE BOYS SO STUPID?" I was just laughing and panicking at the same time.

We turned off the microwave and opened the door. The Jaw breakers were both split clean in half and there was molten bubble-gum ALL OVER the microwave. Burnt bubble gum does NOT smell delicious.

Luckily, the microwave still works. The door just doesn't open very easily anymore.

Other than that, our week was pretty good.

-Elder Packer

Notice: No missionaries were harmed in the making of this email

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