Monday, November 24, 2014

This week in Notts 2 (EP)

Dear Family/Friends,
Hey everybody! Holy cow I'm so stoked to hear about Kameron and Kori's mission calls!!!!! I nearly cried when I read those.
Hey BreAnne, your birthday is coming up isn't it?? Exciting stuff!
Hey Dad,
I've been meaning to tell you that there are a lot of Portuguese people in my ward! I'm in Nottingham 2nd Ward. In the library in the chapel they have English materials and Portuguese materials.
I've had some Portuguese food since I've been here. It is GOOD. I was eating some prawns mixed in the rice. It was kind of a soup rice stuff called arosa minoche or something close to that... I didn't realize that I needed to pull off the head and the shell... So I ate a couple of them whole. They were kind of crunchy. Then we were told by Sister Andrade how to pull them apart. It was better after that.
This week I'm trying to remember what happened. It has been pretty cold, we got soaked and we found some good potentials.
We had this awesome guy from Nigeria just walk into church with his two children. MIRACLES! Apparenlty his car was broken down so he didn't have the ability to travel to his regular church which was far away. He decided to have a week in our church. We were on him like lightning. We got his kids up in Primary (it is upstairs) and he stayed for all three blocks. He liked it a lot. We gave him a Book of Mormon, got his address and we will stop by him this week.
My ward mission leader is a legend. His name is Ossi. Isn't that just a sweet name. When I saw him I thought he looked like a little general authority. He is kind of short but powerful in the Gospel. I don't have a picture of him yet so I can't show you.
Mom I'm not quite sure what you meant in your email about Christmas being a missionary day/the email from President Rasmussen.
Elder Packer

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