Monday, November 3, 2014

It was SENIOR WEEK! [Haha I can't believe I actually sent that! RE-DO] (EP)

I hit send when I didn't even finish the story of Elder Lindquist's prompting! I'm a vegetable.

Rewind. Play.

Dear people,

I am here to announce that I have an incredible companion. By royal decree, Elder Lindquist will be charged with being senior companion for the rest of our companionship because he did a great job this week. Sadly though (also by royal decree) we may not be companions next transfer because I may move to another area. We don't get the dodge call until tonight so I can't say for sure. 

Week 11 in the 12 week training program for new missionaries is nicknamed "Senior Week" because it is during this week that the new missionary takes the lead in all teaching and planning situations for the entire week. To be honest, Elder Lindquist adjusted to it pretty quick and bada bing he is doing great. 

It was way cool to see him follow the Spirit. He had a particular prompting one morning to stop by a family. During companion study He asked me "Do you want to go by so-and-so today?"
"No." I said. Knowing that it was a bit of a cycle, and realizing that he probably didn't know how far away it was.And that we could be doing our weekly planning.

"Well I prayed this morning and their name came into my mind." He explained.

"Oh, Ok then. I'm not going to go against any revelation. Let's do it."

So we went. Half an hour later we were riding up to their house. 

We got to the house and we knocked on. We were let in. Sister so-and-so wasn't doing too well. Her friend, another sister in the ward was also there trying to help her out. Basically what happened was this. We were told that there was something that wasn't so good in the house and wasn't making things easy for the family (some sort of bad spirit). We were able to say read some scriptures, say a prayer and finally give a blessing to sister so-and-so, It was actually pretty intense. After the blessing, I felt so much better and the Spirit seemed to enter the room. That is what I felt anyway, and I know that we did the right thing.

They told us that they had just said a prayer asking for protection and that is when they saw us through the window walking up to their door. WHOA. 

They thanked us for coming over. Afterwards, Elder Lindquist and I went down the street a little bit and said a prayer of gratitude for being placed in the right place at the right time.

Prayer works. Following the Spirit helps others.

All that we had planned to do was stop by for 2 minutes and share a scripture on the doorstep. The Lord had other plans. 

We had a great lesson with Alexander. He wants to take it slow, we aren't going to push it. His testimony is building like crazy! It is kind of cool to see a man like him, who has such a vast knowledge of religious things start to gain knowledge of spiritual things, My favorite thing he has said this week was this "Joseph Smith was either a very clever man or he was a prophet. I have a PHD and I couldn't come up with this stuff! (while holding the book of mormon in this hand) He must have been a prophet." 

Bear came to church again! This is his 4th time and he has started to walk there by himself. Not to mention he has started wearing a suit to church! What a stud. We are planning on having hot pot with him this Wednesday.

I really really really love this ward. I don't want to leave. I feel it is my time. Now there is a teeny tiny chance that I stay... but alas, it is teeny tiny.

I'm excited to let you know next week!

This mission isn't about me at all. I'm just here to do what I can. I will do what I can. 

-Elder Packer

Pictures sent from a member of the Westcotes Ward and short note:

I'm a member of Westcotes Ward where your son has been serving.
He is a wonderful missionary & we will miss him coming over for DA's. He has looked after his newbie companion really well - he's a lovely trainer. He has asked me to forward these photos from a wedding we had in the ward, and also 2 we took when they came over for dinner :)
Best wishes
Liz Quick xx

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