Monday, November 3, 2014

Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast (SP)

Freunde der Kirche!  (friends of the church!)

Sister Harman went home this week and Sister Smith and I hit the cobble stone together!  We'll miss Sister Harman.  She's a BEAST in missionary work and will convert her home town!  It's been so wonderful to work with Sister Smith.  She's just a chill bug and keeps us focused and working hard!  We've already had some fun adventures from running to catch trains to recieving random calls from strangers or members asking for visits and help.  It's awesome!  Sister Smith isn't a big fan of running as a hobby but she told me the other day, ''You know, I know I don't like running, but when we're running so that we can help more people, it's like I'm in an action movie and I actually enjoy it.''  The Work of Salvation = more satisfying than the bread, cheese, milk, and EVEN the chocolate here.

We had a miracle story happen the other day.  We had some lag time in between appointments and going home and I thought, hey let's contact.  We began talking with man from Nigeria.  He was really open.  Sister Smith started and said to the effect of, ''We're missionaries of our church and we help people find relief from feelings of guilt and shame through Jesus Christ.  Do you have a belief in God and Jesus Christ?''  HOLY NOT GOLDEN OF MY LIFE.  She's a rockstar!  We had a great conversation with him about communicating with God.  He was leaving back to Nigeria within a week, but Sister Smith then went and asked him if he knew anyone that would be interested in learning about our message.  He paused.  And thought.  He pulled out his phone and for a good two to three minutes just scrolled through his contacts.  He ended up giving us 3 different contacts!!  We called one right there and they were interested in hearing about our message and agreed to come to church!  The next day we called the second and invited them to church.  They said yes!  The third one I called Saturdaynight.  I said ''Hi, I'm a missionary from my church and we teach people about God.  Would you be interested in hearing a message about God and Jesus Christ?''  He replied, ''Um, wait what church are you from?''  
''The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.''
He laughs on the other end.  I'm thinking what?  He says, ''I'm a member of the Church of Christ.''
''....wait what?''
''I've been baptized.''
I said, ''Wait, so you're Mormon?''
''Yes, I was baptized in 2012.''
It was crazy!  We talked for a bit and shared Helaman 5:12 with him and prayed with him over the phone.  He was so great and sounded like he needed a boost and call from a friend.  I bore my testimony to him that I knew God loved him and knew where he was.  It was really really neat.

​We went as a joint teach to an old investigators home (she's technically not in our ward, but it was allowed to go as a joint teach because I know her from my time before).  She cooked us Rouladen with Knoodl and sauce.  Rouladen is meat, usually beef laid flat and spread with bacon, onions, spices all sorts of things, rolled up, tied with string and cooked for hours in a sauce.  Knoodl is like mashed potatoes but boiled in a pot of water in balls about the size of baseballs.  You eat the meat and knoodl together with the sauce and......aaaaahahhahahahahahahfj sdioa ruwe89uv4523..... no words to describe how delicious.....  The meat just falls apart and melts in your mouth..... I'm already salivating...  A-hem, besides the food, we had a REALLY awesome lesson about coming to church.  It was so powerful and so neat to see the progress that's been made since I was here last.  I came away with a renewed desire to be committed to the tripod of church, scripture study, and daily prayer.  Key to happiness!

Sister Smith and I ALMOST got sick this week.  Almost.  And then we downed a load of vitamin C, took it easy, a nap for us both and we climbed out of it.  It's so important to go slow when the red flags come up!  ''Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.''  Got that from President Kohler.  He's truly an amazing and inspired man.

Thank you for your letters and prayers!  I feel them daily.  That's an interesting feeling.  It's like a, ''I shouldn't normally feel so pumped and energetic...yet I am.''  So so blessed.  Thank you!

Love you all!  Have a wonderful week!

Sister Packer

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