Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spoke at Stake Conference this week. (SP)

Holy Moley.

Well, spoke at Stake Conference this week.  It was so fun!  I never imagined the work it takes to WRITE a talk first in English and then in German... But the Lord provided miracles and merciful members to help me out.  I'd prayed it would really help people  come closer to Christ by the words I said.  The Lord answered that prayer and people had expressed gratitude for thoughts I'd shared.  SO grateful to be in that place to help others receive the answers they need and at the same time learn LOADS.  :)

My dear mother, nieces, and sisters Natalie, Courtney, Lydia, Kori, Jessie, Danielle, and BreAnne.  A MAJOR slumber party is in order when I get home.  Probably my first or second night.  Calender it :).

Dad and brothers Josh and Christian, MAJOR missionary talk when I get home.

This week we taught Tina again.  We've been sending her scriptures via text every morning and she's loved it.  She reads as she takes the subway to and from work and says it fills her with peace.  Woo!  Her member husband has done beautifully explaining to her the purpose of the gospel.  Because their relationship is built on love and trust it's transistioned flawlessly!

We had an exchange this week.  HOLY MIRACLES.  Met 2 people that had met with missionaries before.  Met a 15 year old girl who wants to learn more about the Plan of Salvation.  Using the Restoration pamphlets has been a break through!

Was met with anti-mormonism and they also didn't appreciate Grandpa Packer, blaming him for a lot of the past few years of church history.  The conversation was very open and respectful.  The next morning I just BAWLED.  And was filled with knowledge that he is called of God.  I know the apostles and prophets are called of God.  It only makes sense.  Being a member and being in this church is the only place where I truly feel peaceful, loved, loving, and useful in life.

​Mom, I don't know on flight plans.  We'll find out :).

Yes we had training and interviews with President yesterday and so P day was today.  SORRY forgot to give you a heads up!

I know the church of Jesus Christ is the only true church on the earth, and I am proud to wear His name on my chest alongside my Packer name.  I'm proud to be related and representing both.  I know what President Packer has said is truth and according to God's laws and commandments.  In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Sister Packer​

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