Monday, June 2, 2014

First full week in Westcotes! (EP)

Dear Everybody,
Wow this place is so awesome! We live by a university and there are tons of people to talk to. The ward is a big and there are tons of young families. It is good to hear the kids playing games, crunching on cheerios, and coloring in their coloring books again. :)
So like I said there is a University here. De Montfort University. There is a much greater diversity here than in Cwmbran. We meet a lot more people from other countries and consequently, a lot more people who speak different languages. We met this Italian guy. He thought we were police at first. When he saw our badges he began to smile. In very very simple English he told us he was from Italy. I know Italian is different than Spanish (especially Utah-Spanish) but there was no way English would work with this guy. So I gave it a shot. It didn't work. He just looked at me with a blank stare... But, it was fun to try! Advice for missionaries coming here! Learn how to greet people in every language possible. It opens doors.
We played football again with some ward members. I didn't have cleets so I slipped a few times getting nice and muddy. I'm starting to enjoy it. Maybe by the end of the transfer I'll be a professional (Just kidding).
Tonight we are having a Dinner Appointment with an AWESOME family. They are doing a Man vs. Food challenge for us. I hope I survive.
Our investigators are having a lot of ups and downs. One of our investigators, Leslie is reading the Book of Mormon a lot and even defending the church when he talks to people of other faiths. Another investigator is sadly avoiding us even though she is/was super into it. It seems that people always have to travel to London for some reason. That is everybody's excuse! Ok, not everybody's, just a few people.
Now for the spiritual part of this letter. Pray for Heavenly Father to fill your heart with love. Specific love for someone or general love for anybody and everybody. It doesn't matter. Just pray for love. It casts out fear and weakens temptation.
That is what I have been learning this week. I thought I would share it with you.
Oh and by the way, having sisters in our district is a party! 

-Elder Jacob Packer

I would send pictures but the computer doesn't seem to like me today. Sorry.

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