Monday, June 30, 2014

One of the most peaceful and miracle filled weeks (SP)

Grüß euch!  (groos; oy - sound at the beginning of the word ''hugh'')

This week was one of the most peaceful and miracle filled weeks I've seen on my mission.  There's so much to be thankful for.  And there was a lot learned.

I learned that before any miracles happen, something crazy happens.  I can't say always, but often.  Someone yells at us (which actually doesn't happen terribly often thankfully), appointments fall out, joint teaches fall out, buses are missed, trains are missed...etc.  But, I've realized the meaning of trial of faith and what the ''witness'' talked about in the scriptures can look and feel like.  In Ether 12:6.

And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.
​​When something crazy happens, I've realized that I used to take it as a personal blow instead of, like a child would, stand there with big eyes and think.  Haha wooooaaahh.  They must have had a bad day.  I've learned that every time that happened, a miracle was coming and Satan knew it!  I get excited now every time that happens.  Instead of a dreaded situation, I look forward to the screaming tantrums that Satan has through the situations we sometimes see.  He knows it's comin.  That gives me a thrill.  You know success is coming.  And it does!  Every time!  I'll give you an example.  Sister Hemmi and I had a full day on Tuesday.  We gained two new investigators.  We didn't always know where we were going, she doesn't know the area, and sometimes I don't either :), but any time we needed help making a decision, we prayed in our hearts and together.  It was as innocent as I imagine a child would pray.  I just say, ''Snap, Heavenly Father, I have no idea how to get to this person's house.  Where should we go?  Help us find a way.''  In this case we went a looked at the train schedule that was posted for all current trains leaving.  The next train was the exact one we needed left in two minutes.  Sweet.  We took the train.  Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to know a lot.  He expects us to use what we have and what we know.  

My prayers have also changed.  I've learned that praying for things like, ''Help us to talk with everyone today.'' or ''Help us to study well today.'' are nice prayers, but ''Father, we want to talk to everyone today.  We're going to do our best.  As we talk with everyone, help us to know what to say and to feel thy love for thy children.'' is a faith action filled prayer.  There's already a plan of action and the Lord will support .  I'm so grateful to learn all these things haha.  I'm preaching to the choir.  I now see how you all have been examples of that for me.

The first new investigator was Muslim but then 2 months ago started looking into Christianity.  He's searching for truth.  We gave him a Persian Book of Mormon and he's reading, hopefully this week with his family too.

The next one is from Peru.  She's catholic and has a daughter.  She's so sweet and open.  We committed her also to read in the Book of Mormon.  She accepted the commitment.  Her daughter hugged us when she came home from school and she doesn't even know us!  Awwww it was so cute!!  

I learned about marveling.  Sister Hemmi and I have talked about it.  When a miracle happens, I've often been surprised or marveled that it actually happened.  What does a marveling reaction mean then?  That I didn't really believe it could or would or should have?  I love this scripture about that.  Jacob 4:12.

And now, beloved, marvel not that I tell you these things; for why not speak of the atonement of Christ, and attain to a perfect knowledge of him, as to attain to the knowledge of a resurrection and the world to come?  

I learned that marveling is a sign for lack of faith.  Of course the Lord wants to bless us with miracles.  Of course He'll bless us if we're obedient.  It's what happens, like one plus one.

I love my companion.  Sister Hemmi has so much faith.  She sometimes speaks Swiss German in our companion prayer :).  I like that.  I don't always understand it but it's awesome.  She's been so open and I've been able to share so much knowledge with her about my experience that I'd wished I'd learned earlier in my mission.  She shows me the real bread and cheese to eat here.  I've needed her so much.  I'm so grateful I could train again and hope to train again!  I'm so grateful to have this experience to help prepare me for my future family!  Oh!  Sister Hemmi invited our investigator David to be baptized!  She did so great!  I'm so proud of her!  I love letting a new missionary do the work.  I love seeing them grow.  I love watching her discover.  I don't have to be right all the time.  I love looking at her with the same big curious glint and tell her, man, I know as much as you.  What do you think?  Heavenly Father has the best job in the world to be able to do that for all his kids.  

I love you all so much!  BABIES ARE COMING!!  I'm praying for everyone and thank you all so much for your prayers!  

Sister Coco Packer

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