Monday, June 2, 2014

Baptismal Date! (SP)

This week was..... yup interesting.  Exciting news, we set a baptismal date with dear sweet Harald Geiler!  He has so much faith and has loved reading even if he doesn't understand everything.  We're working towards next June on the 25th and could use your prayers that we can help him quit smoking and drinking by then.  I know the Lord will help us as we do our best!
Other exciting news.  We had an emergency transfer this week!  We'd called president to ask him about Harald, seeing that he has no legs, and baptising someone could be interesting and also other medical questions about the situation.  We got a call back on Saturday around noon and to our surprise, he says nothing about that voice mail we left him, but he tells us that Sister Brinck will be going to Wels, Austria and will be leaving Monday.  Wooo hoo!  So!  I was sent to be in a threesome with the Sisters in Freiburg about 40 minutes away by train.  We had to get her packed and sent off and figure out appointment between two areas, living in two areas, etc etc.  It'll be fun :).
Sister Brinck, under the circumstances traveled alone to Munich to meet her companion and travel from there together.  I hung out with the Elder and Sister Bignall, ate some subway and now I'm here emailing.  It'll be interesting to keep this up for the next two weeks, but I'm trusting in the Lord and He'll help us figure it out!  It's not like I haven't done a baby version of this before in Vienna.......  The sisters were so nice and gave me my own little space in their appartment to put clothes the days we stay in Freiburg :).  And we have three boxes of strawberries to eat all week :) :).  Little tender mercies are already there.
I remembered this week about how grateful I am to keep a journal.  I read back on a few experiences in my journals and they were AMAZING.  It brought me so much hope and a sense for who I am and the confidence the Lord has in me.  I remembered too that if it wasn't for journal writing, we wouldn't have the Book of Mormon, OR the second record Nephi wrote that was a repeat when some pages were later lost due to Martin Harris' wife during the translationg of the Book of Mormon.  Crazy!
I love you all!  Thanks so much for your prayers.  I can feel them all the time and miracles pop up when we're not expecting. 
Sister Packer     

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