Monday, June 9, 2014

Rainbows Through the Storms (SP)


This week was awesome!!

I'll start by telling you how amazing my two companions are.  I don't know if I've ever had so much fun on my mission.  This last week might have made top 5 experiences in my book.  Ya, I'll be honest and say that I was pretty nervous about working two areas between 3 sisters again.  I am, once again, fending for my area alone, thinking of investigators, potentials, less actives, members, new converts.  It's a challenge.  But after much prayer and pondering I now know the Lord has given me this, what started as a challenge, beautiful tender mercy.  He's taken His Fatherly time to show me how much he trusts me to lead this area alone!  Could you not find joy in that??  I've felt His love in abundance this last week through His small yet mighty miracles.  Two of those miracles were my companions, my comrads in the field.  I'd like to take time to tell you about them and their greatness in this work. 

First imagine with me meeting people like Alma the younger.  He was basically converted in his youth to the gospel and turned around to become a legendary missionary.  Can you imagine working with Alma the younger on a mission?  Or doing home teaching with him?  Just imagine that.

First, there's Sister Bognár.  She's from Hungary and a ball of fire and passion.  She was converted when she was 19 (found through a member) and then came on a mission.  She's A - MAAAAAAAA - ZING.  She doesn't think about doing missonary work.  She just does it.  There's no drama or questions on if or why.  She understands the worth of souls and works to harvest them in our small corner of the earth.  She knows what she wants and who she is.  She makes jokes and lightens the mood.  She's honest about how she feels and isn't self concious about what others think.  She contacts like a beast in natural ways, with sweetness, naturally affection, and with boldness.  She's also obsessed with soccer.  Obsessed being an understatement.  And also chocolate.  Obsessed also being an understatement. :)  I love her to death.

Then there's Sister Green.  She's from Alabama/Iowa complete with her southern accent and love for fried chicken.  Sister Green also discovered the church at age 17 through a member (also through a member!).  She is a power house of faith and personality.  She says what she thinks, does what she wants, yet centers her desires and worth in Christ. (That's her line.  After we talk about hair or clothes for eg. she'll often say, ''But, I know my worth is in Christ!'').  She's a fountain of truth, of truly being who she is, giving in to no excuse for why she can't be who God wants her to be.  She hungers for knowledge.  Her questions are striking and her faith leads her to ask.  We talked today for an hour about gospel topics, just questions that she had.  My spirit was enlightened and filled with joy talking about it.  There are so many questions I've never even thought to ask!  

I want to be like Sister Green someday and be me in all I do and say, centering my worth in Christ, doubting not the God that gave me life!  

I want to be like Sister Bognár, embrace who I am and loving people enough to be bold and out there (which reminds me of a story.  We went to see a less active and Sister Bognár rang her clingal over and over and over and OVER again for about 10 minutes.  Not to mention knocking and calling to her through the door.  She is fearless.)  

We need more people like these two converts who listened to the voice of the Shepherd when he called.  We need more people that trust in this our Great Shepherd and forget their problems and work.  Who trust in God instead of themselves, pay their pride for humility and remember that our GOD created this world and knew the problems that would be there.  He knew them and all things before we even lived or were aware of such things.  

This is the person that I want to be.  

I want to leave my testimony that I know Jesus Christ knows all things.  He has the power to overcome heartbreaks.  He has the power to overcome anger towards another person.  He has the power to give understanding and peace.  He has the power to change circumstances.  He has the power to find me and you a better job.  He has the power to thwart our enemies.  I know He lives.  I know His power is real power and is reality.  No one can tell you you're wrong if you prayed about it and God gave you an answer.  If ANYONE said that to me when I tried to tell them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that they'd prayed to God specifically and knew that they were supposed to be where they were at, who could tell them they were wrong?  I know this Gospel is true.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Sister Packer

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