Monday, June 23, 2014

Now for the rest of it (Jacob first wrote Mom on update of Dr visit for cough) (EP)

Dear Everyone,
This week has been kind of wierd, mostly because I've been sick. But I've learned a lot of good lessons. Making phone calls can make a huge difference. Confirming appointments at least a day or two ahead of time makes a huge difference and I've found that I am so much more relaxed when I go to teach lessons. I'm sure it improves the ability of the Spirit who can be felt in our lessons as well. We didn't have tons of lessons this week, but the ones we did have went really well. The members in our ward are awesome and they are so good to come out and teach with us.
We haven't been able to teach Jacob again. We've played phone tag for a bit and it hasn't played out yet. Unfortunately he didn't come to church.
Dino has been out of town. He's coming back today so we'll get right back on him.
Oh man I wish I could have seen the UVCC concert. So much of my testimony has been rooted in that choir experience.
Life is good here in England. I'm pretty sure there is a lot more that I could talk about but I'm not remembering what it is. Enjoy the picture of my beautiful bike. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder/the person who made it ugly on purpose.
-Elder Jacob Packer.

Jake sent a picture of the pink and gray parrots because we told him that Andelyn just got new tennis shoes that were the same color : )

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