Monday, June 16, 2014

Here is the main email of today. (EP)

Hey everybody,

We just played zone football. Our team had matching T-shirts. Oh yeah, go Glenfield district! We have had a couple of miracles this week. We've had some really powerful lessons and we've got some new investigators. The main miracle is a guy named Jacob. He just walked into church. He is twenty two years old and doesn't know a soul in the church. He just walked in and asked where he should go. Apparently he has been visiting all sorts of churches. He wanted to know about ours. 

He was unnaturally confident, in a good way. He just sat in the classes, got fellowship from the members, and enjoyed himself. Elder Shaw basically taught him the Restoration lesson right after church and we got his phone number. He invited us for coffee one day. Here we go! 

We had a solid lesson with a former investigator who was re-found by the Sister missionaries in our ward. He wants to be baptized. He asked the perfect questions. "I just want to know my purpose in life. I want to be closer to God. Can you teach me about baptism? Could we meet as often as possible?" He seriously asked that. Whoever has been praying for us, THANK YOU! Now pray for our man Dino.

I'm still sick. Mom, I've got a Doctors appointment on Wednesday. I've diagnosed myself with bronchitis/walking pneumonia. I'm taking it easy, we don't travel anywhere fast, I drink loads of liquids and I stay away from the... majority of sweets:) Seriously though, I'm tired of being sick. Thank goodness for doctors!

Thanks for the updates everybody! I appreciate them!

-Elder Packer

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