Monday, June 9, 2014

Westcotes week 2 complete (EP)

Dear people of various relation, specifically DANIELLE,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE! 12 years old? That's weird. How was the temple?? How was your birthday?? Did you eat cake for me?? Let me know! 

Family, send me pictures of your little trip to Newport/Crestline please.

Ok. Now for the main email:

Highlights of the week:

Man vs. Food. I totally finished it.

Flat inspection. It was better than it sounds.

Zone Meeting.

Exchange with Elder Thomander (from Idaho).

I got sick.

So I already, sent a picture of the man vs food challenge. It was quite good. Sister Mitchell was sneaky and put a lot of spicy stuff on one of the layers of burger. It was delicious.

This flat inspection was so cool. The Willmotts came over, they brought a little treat for us, gave us a spiritual thought and left us with a challenge. Of course they did all of that after they inspected the flat. My challenge is to get my line of authority printed out. I am not sure if I had it with me when I first came out but I don't seem to have it now.

Coolest flat inspection ever.

I just loved zone meeting because I got to meet the zone. There are a couple of people who I already knew, but most of them are new faces to me.

My exchange with Elder Thomander was way fun. We got straight into the finding mode and talked to a lot of people. Finding is so much better when both companions are doing it whole-heartedly. We met some awesome people and got some return appointments. He made me laugh so much. He reminds me of Jordan Kocherhans (he is my cousin for those of you who do not know who he is.)

About getting sick, I just had an itchy throat/runny nose. It didn't leave me for a couple of days and yesterday I was feeling kind of feverish and my ears felt all block up so I couldn't really hear. But, I've been loading up on vitamins and resting here and there. I feel much better today.

OH one highlight that I forgot. I wrecked on my bike again! Yay.

This time I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, we were on our way to play football (soccer) with the ward. I was riding down a path where there are a lot of people. I rode just off of the paved path onto the dirt to avoid some people. No problem. As soon as I tried to get back onto the path though... I went onto the path but my bike didn't want to come with me. I wrecked right in front of this young couple. They didn't say anything. They just stared at me as I got up and kept going.

I don't think they were English speakers because I said "how's it going?" to them and they just smiled and kept walking. All I got were a couple of little scrapes. One on my knee and one on my elbow. Don't worry mom, I got them cleaned and free from infection.

Once again, I testify that angels protect missionaries!

That is pretty much it for this week.

-Elder Jacob Packer

It is not a very good picture, but that is a triple stacked hamburger with loads of wedges and onion rings. It was SUPER good and both Elder Shaw and I finished it in good time and had more to eat afterwards! Our reward, a candy bar.

A member in our ward took us to a tropical bird garden. We fed Emus raisins and grapes. It was pretty sweet.

The classic cottage with a thatched roof. Yep, that is where we live. Just kidding. We live in a flat in a big apartment building.

more pictures of parrots:) The pink/grey ones were my favourite. God must have had a good time choosing the colors for all of these birds.

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