Monday, June 23, 2014

The Golden Rule (SP)

Guten Tag Familie!

Holy COW what a week.  

Tuesday was rough.  Appointments fell out and stress built up from running my area alone as I waited for my new companion.  I learned once again that I don't have to do it alone.  

But lo and behold, I traveled to my ''birth place'' of München, Bayern to pick up and meet my new Golden companion.  I traveled alone to Munich, which of course isn't a regular occurance, but under certain circumstances the president allows it.  On the way there, I prayed that I could find someone to give a Book of Mormon to.  On my last train, I began a natural conversation with a chinese man.  He was on his way to see his wife for the week.  He told me he'd studied the Bible.  I told him about the Book of Mormon.  I wasn't sure if he'd take it, but he did!  It was so cool!  I prayed for it and it happened!  I waited for the natural opportunity or at least the Spirit's prompting to start up a conversation and it happened.  So cool!  Being in Munich again was so neat.  I love that city and remember all the trams, U bahns, buses, streets.  It all came back in a lovely warm feeling :).  The meetings were so powerful.  They took us trainers and we ourselves talked about what good trainers do, what we liked, what we want to incorporate into these new Goldens.  It was such a refreshing blessing to have a fresh start.  My companion doesn't know anything but the first things that happen.  We met all the Goldens, but weren't sure who's companion was who's.  They announced it that first night and I never felt so good about a companion before.  She's 22 and from Canada.  She was born in Switzerland and speaks Swiss German somewhat!  She can hold her own and goes out with me although being only 3 days on the job!  She's fearless!  But going back, we rode back with a group of missionaries on our trains to our designated areas.  One thing we talked about was taking every opportunity to talk to everyone.  If I at the beginning don't do it, she won't.  It's a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibility, but with the Lord, I know I can teach her the very best I can.  So, on our way home, I was determined to be that trainer and show her that miracles are real.  While other missionaries talked and chatted, there was a beautiful opportunity for her to speak to a young woman who was sitting across the isle.  I encouraged her to talk to her, gave her a couple suggestions on what to say and to just go for it.  She was a little nervous, but began talking!  I let her lead it out.  I only piped in once or twice.  In the end she was very interested and took a Book of Mormon!  To the surprise of other missionaries, she said, ''Does that not happen all the time?''  Of course that can happen all the time.  But it's based on our obedience.  We continued to talk to more people as we went along.  We've started off with fire and energy and it feels so good.  I know I needed another opportunity to train and feel the freshness of faith.  We placed 3 books in the last few days together!  We pray and work hard.  Keep the Golden rule and teach like it's normal to be obedient, normal to do the right thing with a shrug of the shoulders and zero excuses, drama, or question.  The success of the mission and our surroundings starts with us!  I'm so grateful to learn that and to have had these last few days to real feel and see my, but especially her influence in this work. 

We came home and the next day, our sweet old man who sits outside was not there all day.  Very abnormal.  We went over and found out he's in intensive care at the hospital.  Specific prayers would be so appreciated!   

The members here are amazing.  I cannot express the love and admiration I have for them all.  Three priesthood holding brethren from the ward, who are all now married and having or expecting kids, are converts.  Our branch president is a convert.  Three other Sisters are converts.  And there's still others.  One of my favorite activities to do when with members is to ask them about their stories.  Some of them opened up after meeting their future spouse and investigated the church.  Others received strong promptings that God was with them and had a plan for them and they straight up changed their lives around.  I didn't realize until this week how literally our branch is made UP of first generation pioneers!  I'm watching the pioneers right before my eyes!!  It's caused me to think a lot about my ancestors and their stories and conversions.  Because the pioneers went acrosst the plains, the church was more fully established and missionaries continued to go out and serve.  It's spread to Europe and now missionaries flood the earth in tens of thousands!  And now after having ancestors who've paved the way, I'm here back in a land of some of my ancestors teaching and sharing the gospel with them once again!  I am a daughter of a rich heritage and inheritance!


Sister Coco Packer

first pic is of me and new Golden Sister Hemmi!
the second picture is for you dad.  I thought of you on Father's day and ate a Bit 'O Honey.  I know you eat those a lot :).  

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