Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Conference and other stuff... (EP)

Dear people!
I'm still in Newport! At least for another few days. Elder Eppel is leaving mid-transfer and they haven't told me what's happening to me yet.  Maybe I'll combine with the Newport A team for the rest of the transfer or maybe I'll get a new companion here in Newport B. I'm just not sure. They had better let us know quick because Elder Eppel will be leaving on Friday.
Christmas Conference in Harbourne was awesome! The whole mission was there! There are a lot of missionaries in this mission. We even had Costa Vida style burritos for dinner. I haven't had refried beans in months! It makes me realize how much I actually ate those back at home... hmmm... Anyway, it was good. We went out in front of the chapel and sang Christmas Carols to basically anybody within one mile of that place. Yeah, 200+ missionaries blasting out Christmas hymns can be loud.
Yesterday at church the whole ward sang a farewell song to Elder Eppel. A welsh ward singing!! Awesome!! It was great. I love this ward so much. We also have about 20 Dinner Appointments coming up this week! Ok, maybe not that many. Everybody in the ward just wants to get a chance to see Elder Eppel before he goes home.  I'm quite happy to be his companion at this time.
Nothing brings more happiness than being obedient to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm working on increasing my testimony of Christ and his role in my life. It is especially good to do at this time of year.  Study him, be like him, learn from him. That is how you will get to know him.
Thank you for the emails/post everybody, it means a lot.
Merry Christmas!!!
-Elder Jacob Packer

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