Thursday, December 26, 2013

Of course I think of things to say now (EP)

Dear Family,
It was so great to see and talk to all of you! Of course there wasn't enough time to say all of the things I would like to say, I could have skyped for hours! So here are a few of the things I missed and want you all to know now.
Thanks for the package! The mug is awesome. And thank you so much for sending more of the paper for the Arc notebook! That is EXACTLY what needed! I didn't know such joy could come from office supplies... strange.  Elder Ferrell and I thank you for the little remote control cars. Breakfast was great this morning, it consisted of some very American, Warning-label worthy, cereal. :) Oh and the Gummy Shark (how did you know?).
The cards and everything were the best! And I know there are other things I haven't mentioned but there are too many to count!
Oh, and the Christmas Calendar... Since I opened it up yesterday I realized I was 25 days late to start it, don't worry, I'm catching up quite rapidly.
Lydia, Lovely pictures in the card, and I am so stoked with the Grandpa and Choir experience. Jessie, you have really great snowflake skills, I hope the iphone is treating you right. Did I see you snap-chatting me with that thing? Danielle, Your teeth look great, just don't grow up too fast. Boys are not good to hang out with. Remember that. BreAnne, I LOVED your card. You can write so well! 
Josh and Courtney,
Natalie and Christian and Andi
I was somewhat relieved when I saw Andi, she hasn't changed as much as I thought. At least she is still small enough for you too hold and she wasn't talking. Thanks for the cards, I love you guys so much!
Mom and Dad,
I know you have done so much for me. You continually do so much for me. Don't worry, I will let you know if there is anything I need. For now though, I'm pretty much set. My shoes are working great, they will last as long as I polish and waterproof them. My bike is great, I need to oil it everyday that there is rain so it doesn't get all rusted. I don't mean to come across like I don't have a care in the world. Things do get stressful, I just am not very good on letting others know how to assist me.
I love you both so much! This is an amazing family. An eternal family.
I hope no one lost an eye in the rubberband wars. I hope you played dramatic background music with those cool little speakers of yours while you were shooting each other.
Happy Boxing Day! (I'm not even sure if people say that here).
last but not least, Nicole, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Sister Packer over in vienna, is doing great work,
and brightening lives where sad worldiness lurks.
Testifying here and inviting people there,
"Come to church! Be there or be square."
Nobody saw her coming to the Alpine-German people,
now many more will take notice of the bright temple's steeple.
Probably the best birthday activity you could do is preach the word.
So selfless, so caring. Not listening is indeed absurd.
Carry on, carry on in this great cause!
Victory is in sight, there's no need to pause.
Why would you serve a mission at all? What does it mean?
You've now learned why you did. You've felt. You've seen.
One year older and wiser too,
a well sung song. too true, too true.
I'm quite upset that I wasn't able to skype you yesterday. I'm not sure what will work for you, maybe we'll be able to do it another day soon. I've already sent some other info to you so we can coordinate that whenever.
But Happy 21st Birthday! Does it seem like you're twenty one? No. Is that wierd to think that I'm 19 and you're 21? Yes. As far as I'm concerned I'm still 17 and you're 19.
Please do something cool for your birthday! Let me know how it goes! We'll talk later (hopefully via skype), just know that I love you!
I LOVE YOU ALL! Let me know what kind of things you want to know, sometimes I just don't know what you guys want to know:)
-Elder Jacob Packer


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