Monday, December 9, 2013

Merry Christmas! (SP)

Actually, St. Nikolaus Day was December 6th, in which I found candy in my shoes that he'd left for me :).  I'll attach a picture.  They have like two Christmas ish days here :).

Holy COW a cool thing happened this week.  So once upon a time, there was a man from China named Tao. He lived in Vienna and had attended institute for FOUR years there; he never became a member, although he was open and loved institute!  Then, three transfers ago, in July Sister Packer was born in Munich where Tao had at some time moved to.  He had at that point met with Sister Smith and Sister Allman and had a baptismal date for December of 2013!  Then, after only two lessons after Sister Packer came, he unexpectedly moved to Zürich, Switzerland for a better job!  We were sad and didn't have his contact information!  But we kept hope out for him.  A couple transfers later, Sister Packer recieves a call from an unknown number.  It was Tao!!  He was calling to say hi to Sister Smith who had sadly transferred to Tübingen.  Sister Packer talks to him for a while, finding out he'd moved again to Vienna.  Sister Packer doesn't think much of it and really puts it aside.  At the end of that transfer, Sister Packer gets transferred to Vienna, hearing no more from Tao at that point.  One night she goes to institute with Sister Clark to support Destiny their investigator with a baptismal date. While there, she sees the back of the head of someone who looks really familiar. ''Sister Clark! Find out what that guys name is. Quick! Just ask him!''  It was Tao!!  He'd indeed moved back to Vienna and was just hangin' out at institute again!  Holy COW I freaked!  He already knows the church is true and we're meeting with him Tuesday to set another baptismal date and see which missionaries he belongs to.  Holy cow, seriously, NO ONE knows who he is!  No one knew he had a baptismal date and is a pot of gold just sittin there!  I know the Lord sent me to Munich to see him twice, get a random call from him, then sent me to Vienna to find him again, invite him back to church, and have him take the discussions again.  Heavenly Father is so cool!!  

I was reminded once again of the reality of Father's Plan, and His awareness of His children.  All we need to do, as Elder Bednar puts it is ''be good boys and good girls'' and the Lord will make miracles happen.  

We had two baptisms on Saturday!!  They were so neat.  I've never realized the joy we receive from this covenant. 

It is really neat being in an English speaking ward and meeting people from all over.  But the coolest part is seeing the distance I've come in German and seeing it clearly in English!  Heavenly Father knew I needed a language to humble me down and simplify the gospel that I love going deep into.  

Merry Christmas!  I love this gospel so much.  Invite that one person to church before Christmas that Elder Ballard counseled us!

Sister Packer

New Address!!:
Kirche Jesu Christu
Sister Nicole Packer
Hormayrgasse 59/9
1170 Wien, Österreich

Here are some pictures!  This is my new companion Sister Clark from Utah!  She's so great and we are having so much fun already.  She inspires me so much and is a hard worker.  These pictures were taken at the Schönbrunn Schloss which translates to ''Beautiful Fountain Castle.''  There are some really really neat Christmas Markets there with SUPER old fashioned and HAND MADE things that truly blow your mind.  It's incredibly beautiful and authentic.  I love it!  I wanted to buy everything!  Dad would love all the hand made and painted ornaments, toys, tiny glass trinkets etc.  The whole family would love it!    

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