Monday, December 30, 2013

Meeeerrrry Chrisssttmaaaaass! (SP)

Holy COW Christmas Day is already passed.  I remember being so excited for the morning of Christmas, waiting waiting waiting, and then it was over so quick. But what I'm so grateful for is how it CAN last all year and it's totally in my power to keep it that way.  I'm so grateful for the time I get to serve His children and grow in love, spirit, stature, and knowledge. 
Well hey family!  How's it going!?  I just saw ya like yesterday!  That was SO weird by the way.  It was like a dream.  It's weird to think it actually happened.  I could have talked all day, but I'm glad it was short so that I could focus on the work!  We'll have all eternity to catch up, if not right after I get home :).  I want to make some great memories this my 21st year!!  Some things I forgot to say (as Jake so cleverly put it haha)
A funny story: we got a bottle of vodca with our tree that my sistermates in our apartment bought.  The man INSISTED they take it.  It of course went down the toilet, but not before we took pictures and laughed about it.  I guess I could have legally.....
I met a return missionary yesterday who was just visiting our ward who was TOTALLY in the same district with Jake!!!  Elder Schenk.  WHAT THE??!  I was so grateful for Heavenly Father's little gift to say hello :)!  And there's an elder in my zone that was in the MTC with him.  HOLY COW!!  
Welp, now I'm 21.  And I feel NO different.  Adult?  Kind of.  Hopefully...  The only thing I could think of that's different is that I am legally allowed to drink which isn't that cool, but then I remembered that I'll be able to sit in the car with a 15 year old driving with their permit!  YES!!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes and thoughts!  It's so great to know my family cares!  For my birthday I went to a member's home and ate Philipean Chinese.  SO good.  'Nuff said.  And I also got to watch the new Les Miserábles!  I liked it!  Sketchy scenes were skipped thanks to other missionaries that had already seen it.  It was a different approach than I've ever seen, but it seemed more real and I was impressed with how well people could sing WITH all the emotion.  I loved it.  I received little presents from members and calls from other missionaries and the Presidents wife.  Heavenly Father knows how to send us what we need :).  
Happy Birthday Garrett!!  (27th Dec) My cousin, I'm so proud of you for serving your mission and I wish you all the best! 
Mom, I got a little sick with Walking Pneumonia, but because I knew exactly what would happen, I've handled it beautifully and don't try to work too hard.  My companion has been SO great.  She made me knoodles and ordered me to sit and just be sick.  Ahh the sounds of home :).  At least I can't smell the smoke here in the café!  :)
My Christmas package is currently in Munich at the mission office, which is great!  But, I won't see it until the second week of January when we have Zone Training.  Oh, the joys of a HUGE mission :).  But it's great.  I have had SUCH a fun and wonderful Christmas with all the members and missionaries and thoughts of Christ.  I'm so grateful.  And I feel very loved and watched over :).  
I watched a Mass!  We went to Christmas Mass at Stephans Dome at 12:00am and it was SO cool.  I don't think I even realize how cool my exeriences here are.... I'm in Vienna... at Christmas... watched Mass... in German.......  teach the gospel... work with these members and missionaries that I love so much... learn the gospel... pray more sincerely... receive more willingly... give more readily...  love more openly... serve more righteously... blessed more abundantly... It's just been incredible.  The gospel IS the true source of comfort, peace, and satisfaction.  I love this work :).  Til next week!  Thank you for all the cards and wishes Lindon 16th Ward family! 
Sister Packer

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