Monday, December 9, 2013

Transfers are coming! (EP)

Dear Everybody,
It's been a pretty slow week as far as key indicators go. But it's been fun nonetheless!
The family from El Salvador had three people baptized this week! So awesome! I may have mentioned them before. The other team in Newport have been working with them, it's been awesome! Everyone in the ward knows how to say "buenos dias" and "hola" now.  Who knew my spanish would come in handy out here??
Its been fun for me anyway, Elder Eppel has been sick for a few days. It has just stayed with him for about two weeks. We travelled to Cardiff to see the Doctor, got some medicine and hopefully Elder Eppel will live to make it home for Christmas:) He goes home on December 21st.
Getting a new companion will be weird. If I do, which seems likely.
Transfers are coming this wednesday, I'm freaking out. We get the news about who is moving where tonight. I may be staying here in Newport, but hey there is also a chance that I'll move. It's not too big of a deal either way. I'm just excited to know.
If I do move though it will be really sad to leave this ward. I am really beginning to feel at home here in Newport and I love the people here in the ward!
I got that package from the ward with the paper Christmas tree in it. Our flat feels like home now:)
Thanks to all the people who helped with that! And may I just say I was quite impressed with how big of a paper tree you managed to fit inside that small envelope!
I hope you guys are enjoying the snow! The weather here has been really weird... Its been sunny/windy/ cloudy. Relatively warm temperatures and NO rain. Is it Winter here yet? debatable.
Love you all!
Elder Jacob Packer
(PS Mom, we had a call from sister Rasmussen about the two packages... I got a small one already. Don't worry I won't open it)

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