Monday, December 16, 2013

'Tis the Season to Choose! (SP)

This week was one I will never forget.  We taught a lesson to one of our investigators named Mary and Ioana.  They are roommates and from Romania.  At the end of the lesson, we invited Ioana to pray.  She was nervous and didn't want to.  She explained her concerns.  As we tried to repeat what we understood about how she felt, she'd say, ''No no, it's just that...''  We worked with her for about 15 minutes to try to help her understand the blessing, the promises, that she doesn't need to be nervous..etc.  At the end she didn't say the prayer and I was SO bummed.  Everyone has a reason for being nervous or doing anything and only the Lord fully comprehends what it is.  I really have come to understand HOW CRUCIAL and important prayer is.  IT IS EVERYTHING.  It is our ONLY channel that connects us to the source of ALL JOY, UNDERSTANDING, AND PEACE.  The Lord is ever aware of his children and has His Plan prepared for them.  I'm so grateful for the understanding of prayer and it's importance.  This experience has made me stronger and taught me what I can do better next time.

Haha Mom, did I tell you I trimmed my own hair?  It was an adventure.  It was good enough that I didn't think about it.  We're going to attempt it again today :).  It will be -1 to -2° C this week which is like....28° F?  It's pretty cold!  I'll let you know Mom about winter clothes, what I need etc.  I know it's crazy during this time of year!   

We get to skype!  I just wanted to give you details on that and ask what works best for the family.  I am planning on going to a member's home Christmas day and skype.  They have 3 working devices and 4 missionaries will be there.  I will be able to skype, and depending on how it all functions, I'm planning on being on anywhere between 10:30am - 11:30am YOUR time (it will be 6:30 - 7:30pm my time).  I am going to try to skype with Jake around that time too if it is possible.  I just sent him an email to ask him about his rules and availability.  It would be cool to try and set up a three way call with him, but if not, if he's allowed, I'll skype with him seperately.  This is SO exciting!! XD

We saw so many miracles this Sunday!!  Two less actives came to church and are SO nice and a young woman brought her friend!  Baptisms come through members!!!  A simple invite and they're there at church!  I love it!  Our ward is amazing!

I love you all!  Happy Holidays and have a holiday full of giving!  Happiness truly comes from making other people happy.  It's a stretch, but it's so fulfilling.  In, Jesus name, Amen.

Sister Packer

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