Monday, December 30, 2013

Pictures are better than words! At least when I have no time to write a full email:) (EP)

Dear Family!

I have loved all of your emails! Thank you! Actually I don't really have time to read all of them so I take pictures of them so I can read them later. 

Today we climbed a Welsh mountain! A member in the ward took us to a lookout point where we can look over Cwmbran and Newport, and you can even see the Bristol Channel. It is only about 1500ft high. So, not exactly Timpanogos but its pretty high for Wales! 

I'm hoping this coming January will have many baptisms! We've been doing a lot of work towards it. Miracles WILL happen! Thanks for your prayers and keep them coming!

I love you all! Thanks! Just let me know if I forgot to include anything you asked for in these emails, I struggle with remembering those things sometimes!

-Elder Packer

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